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DAMASCUS, May 5 (Xinhua) -- The Islamic State (IS) group has taken full control of the al-Shaer gas field in the central province of Homs, following three days of intense battles with Syrian government forces, a monitor group reported on Thursday.

Activity involving predicting sports results and placing a wager on the outcome is termed as Sports Betting. There are different types of online sporting bets … es-jersey/ , about which a bettor should be aware before using it and heshe can bet online. Before betting online heshe should have proper knowledge of <"http:www.explainbettingodds">how to bet sports online for getting effective results. Different types of online sporting bets are as follows:

Straight Bets:

Straight bets, also known as side bets, are the most common type of online sports bets. These types of betting wagers carry a point-spread … es-jersey/ , money line or game total (overunder) on a single game. Winning straight bet involves choosing the teams correctly that cover the spread or choosing correctly the score of the game that will be over or under certain amount.

Proposition Bets:

Proposition bets are also known as exotic, side bet, prop bet … es-jersey/ , novelty or prop are alike future bets, but it includes wagering on an individual player or event rather than wagering on the future of the team. Proposition bets can be placed on anything leading from number of goals, runs or touchdowns certain player scores till which team scores first in specific game.


In parlays … es-jersey/ , a single bet is linked together with two or more individual wagers and its winning depends on all those wagers to win game together. One benefit of parlay is that payoffs are much higher as compared to individual betting since difficulty of hitting it is much higher. If parlays lose any of the bets, entire parlay loses the game.

Progressive Parlays:

Progressive parlay is a joint wager for multiple events going on simultaneously (like team sports). These progressive parlays involves joint wager on four to twelve separate events, where bettor receives a large payout as compared to regular parlays. In progressive parlays … es-jersey/ , there is maximum probability of winning at least some amount as payouts from the bets.


Teasers allow a bettor to combine his bets on two different games. There are two types of teasers involved in betting- one is Super Teaser and another is Vegas Teaser. Super Teaser involves the bettor to choose three, four or even five teams and provides large number of points to add or subtract with the selections made. The bettor will receive less money than the one risked in the bet. Vegas Teaser is a combination between the parlay and Super Teaser. Bettor will receive fewer points and should adjust from the selections chosen, but more teams chosen for the wager … es-jersey/ , the higher payout will be.

If Bets:

If Bets consists at-least two straight bets joined together by an “if” clause that determines wager process. If first selection compiles with condition, then second selection will have an action. Similarly if second selection compiles with the condition, the third selection will have an action and so on. In the current era we often see that a huge number of big shopping malls … es-jersey/ , multiplex or communication halls are built at different places in the city. Not only in the city and its suburbs but also in the rural areas are growing at a faster rate. The speed by which the existing scenario is getting changed is really astonishing. Day by day there is rapid movement of tome phase of life. If a person visits a place today and then again he revisited the area around after three to six months then he can see a see a drastic change in that same place. China has made longest railway and the fastest bullet train to make life fast and communication very fast. So from this situation we can say that there are huge requirements of building materials and skilled working personalities including technicians and engineers to cater all of the requirements. Also now-a-day the students who all are pursuing civil engineering courses in recognized colleges can really have a bright and successful growth in their career. The knowledge that would be highly required for these types of job is mostly the technical awareness and along with this the theoretical knowledge is also required.

The fantastic design of newly built corporate offices or the malls are really attractive. The architects who all are involved in planning of such beautiful structures are really empowered with the incredible aesthetic sense. Their arts are reflected through their creations like any other artists. The fabulous efforts the engineers, planners put behind a bridge or fly over construction or a wonder like bullet rail line are really appreciable. The measurement should be accurate so the bridge can be a strong one. It is a life time thing so the chance of collapse is very out of imagination. Also in case of these types of constructing site it is very necessary to check the strength and capacity of the fly over as everyday a huge number of heavy vehicles would run in a high speed on that. So the materials those are used in constructing such sites should be of high quality and should be the products of a trusted brand. This is applicable for all of the necessary supplies that include cement, bricks … es-jersey/ , iron rods etc. The renowned manufacturers of these resources would never deceive the construction companies with poor quality of supplies.

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Topic closed! This topic automatically closed 30 days after first posting.
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