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This is also posted in the GSM forum, but this might be the better place.

I have an IPAQ 2215 and recently purchased a Chi Mei Compact Flash GSM/GPRS card and Running Voice Software from Convergentech. The GSM/GPRS card is identical to the Audiovox RTM-8000.

I have a T-mobil sim.

The combination does not work together, with Running Voice hanging on my ipaq and the GSM/GPRS card not being able to connect.

The GSM/GPRS card works when installed on my Dell laptop and I'm able to get both voice and data.

I don't know if this is a compatibility issue with the GSM/GPRS card and the ipaq or Running VOice and the ipaq, or all three together.

Anyway - if anybody has this combination working I'd like to hear about it and any tips on getting it to work, or, if anyone has the same GSM/GPRS card and can recommend an altenative to Running Voice that would be great too!

I am really interested in having this work, so thanks in advance



I'm too lazy to register

I have this working on my Dell Axim 50 V  but it is flaky.  The reception keeps going in and out  more out htan in.  When I called  for support I was told that if I sent it back to them they would send it off to Tiawan and it would cost about 100.00 to see if the antennea is bad.  I am looking into purchasing anouther card from a different vendor that knows what is going on and can work with me on the phone rather than try and pawn me off to somewhere else.  I am not happy with the product.

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Topic closed! This topic automatically closed 30 days after first posting.
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