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From: Isle-of-Skye
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Hi Folks,

If any one can help me here I would be much obliged.

I have the above configuration and am unable to run a browser up or make any useable connection -  ie use a browser etc.  The iPAQ and Card were supplied by Vodaphone, I orriginally used an Erricson T68 to connect and this worked fine.  Due to problems with Linux on my laptop I want to use the GPRS card in the unused iPAQ.

When I start the browser the card connects, then the answering station disconnects after about 30 secs.

I have contacted Vodafone Support and checked the Vodafone web site - the support people tell me that it is impossible, this is contradicted by the web site.

I have configured the Mobile Connect Card as follows;

Dial - *99#
user - web
pass - web
Domain - Blank
DNS & DHCP - Accept Assigned IP's

Dialing Location - g in all fields

If I connect using a terminal and use atdt*99# then it looks like the comms settings are wrong but they are;

8 Data
No Parity
2 Stop
Hardware Flow Control

If any one has been successful with this connection I'd really like to hear.


Dave Munro



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From: Dublin, Wireless
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hi davem,

Vodafone UK can you try using internet as the Access Point Name (APN) field instead of the web address you currently have e.g.
APN - internet

is it the Vodafone branded Option Globetrotter card - and did they supply you with Pocket PC drivers / software for it?


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Topic closed! This topic automatically closed 30 days after first posting.
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