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3GSM LIVE: 80% of Mobile Users claim PIM is Key to Device selection
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 15.02.07 - 09:13:46 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 20469x
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At the 3GSM World Congress, Palm announced the findings of a milestone study it has sponsored across six European markets. The Global Mobile Mindset Audit revealed that for more than 80 percent of respondents, access to personal information management (PIM) such as calendar and contacts information is considered the leading advantage of owning a mobile device after being able to make calls and send text messages.

PIM data is valued more and used far more often by smartphone users than capabilities such as music, MMS/video messaging and camera. The study - conducted in association with the CMO Council's Forum to Advance the Mobile Experience (FAME) – found that calendaring and contact management are used 'all the time' or 'frequently' by 55 percent of smartphone users.

In addition to the prominent importance of PIM, analysis of the survey results demonstrated two trends, described below:

Life Blending

  • Mobile users are as likely to use the phone in business environments as they were for recreational use. Palm describes this trend as 'life blending,' where users demand functionality that enables them to more effectively manage social and work commitments simultaneously and on a single device.
  • 40 percent are 'highly dependent' on and 'strongly attached' to their mobile phone, more so than on any other device. Furthermore, an additional 15 percent of respondents said that they planned to increase their mobile usage over the next year to 18 months. Palm believes that if users are looking to increase device usage, they are likely to invest in a device that enables 'life blending' as a priority.

Purchasing paradox

  • An apparent paradox comes when comparing the habits of standard mobile phone users with those of smartphone users. On a standard phone with PIM capabilities, 57 percent of people rarely use this functionality and yet they say it's a key reason for selecting a mobile device. It follows that if users are looking to increase device usage, they are likely to invest in a device that enables 'life blending' as a priority.
  • The statistics show a clear divide between users of standard mobile phones and smartphone users when looking at contact management and mobile email. Contact management is used 'all the time' by twice as many smartphone users as standard mobile-device customers.
  • On email usage, 35 percent of standard mobile users who have email functionality never use it, and only 8.5 percent use it frequently. Amongst smartphone users, however, 45 percent use email "all the time" or frequently – a factor Palm believes reflects the fact that smartphones are optimized for email and other data uses.

Commenting on the study, Roy Bedlow, VP, Palm EMEA, said: "To address the needs of work and leisure, Palm believes that a mobile needs to be easy to use and a clear asset in accomplishing tasks. Simply enabling a mobile to 'technically' perform a function doesn't mean users will find the experience rewarding enough to use it regularly. It stands to reason that more and more people will demand one single device to manage both social and work commitments more effectively."

Bedlow concluded: "Palm's heritage is in delivering a user experience that is more straightforward. The future of mobile is mobile computing. To truly benefit from the mobile experience, users need simple, integrated functions, allowing them to blend their work and personal lives in any way they choose, which is a major factor in smartphone uptake as this survey confirms. This is apparent in what we deliver today and will deliver in the future."

Cheers ~ Arne

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