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ABROAD: Preparing for Toronto
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 11.11.03 - 11:04:03 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 7329x
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I'm currently preparing for a business trip to Toronto, Canada (more about that later) and it's fascinating how the behavior to prepare for trips has changed over the past years.

Since 01. February 1993 I own GSM phones and well, since these days I'm always checking about International Roaming and coverage. Before I owned a cellphone I've checked for some pocket money and my passport only. However - now, in the 21st century, almost the whole world is covered by GSM but I'm continue to check details about the country I'm visiting and it becomes more and more to make sure about. 8O

Thanks to the modern handsets I don't have to care anymore if the country I'm going to is GSM 900, 1800 or 1900 MHz because my phone supports all frequencies but my device also supports GPRS. So I have to check if International GPRS Roaming is supported (especially on business trips where I have to work). Unfortunately neither O2 Germany nor Vodafone Germany has roaming agreements in place with any of the Canadian carriers. :|
Because wireless WAN won't be available I have to continue to check if LAN is at least available in my hotel and it is: "We provide FREE high-speed Internet in all our rooms"! :-D and last but not least the question where to connect in downtown which I get answered from

Sometimes it's weird to see what becomes important and sometimes I get the feeling I'm a "nerd". :mrgreen: But then I think that PPCW.Net is part of my business and therefore I need the access to the site and Internet access. However, traveling today (and especially preparing for a trip) is more stress then in the late 80's/beginning 90's.

How do you prepare for trips?

Cheers ~ Arne