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ACCELERATION: Boost your Internet connection with OnSpeed for Pocket PC
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 04.05.05 - 17:45:10 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 12396x
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This press information is already a month old but I have just found it now. OnSpeed, announced the release of OnSpeed for Pocket PC PDA's and smart phones, which allows users to browse the web and use web based E-Mail up to 10 times faster for just £24.99 a year.
Breaking new ground once more, the award winning technology company is the first to offer acceleration software which can be used with Pocket PC, currently the fastest growing mobile sector in the UK. It is a small and easy to install client, taking only two minutes to download and can be used anywhere in the world. The application sits quietly in the background accelerating any internet browsing as required.

OnSpeed works by using compression to reduce the amount of data received and can be used on any Pocket PC internet connection – including GSM, UMTS, 3G and GPRS. Where users are billed per MB download, OnSpeed will have the added benefit of reducing the user's telephone bill by up to 90%.

"This product is the breakthrough that the Pocket PC market has been looking for. We are currently talking to two networks who are very excited at what an up to ten fold increase in speed could do for sales of Pocket PCs. There are over 500,000 Pocket PC users in the UK alone, the majority of which are unhappy with slow connection speeds. By introducing Onspeed for Pocket PC, we are excited to offer an affordable and easy to use solution to their problem", says Jamie True, co-founder of OnSpeed. "We are proud to be the first company to introduce this highly effective service and are confident that it will be a great success."

OnSpeed for Pocket PC has 9 patents and the secret behind its outstanding performance is Content Sensitive Compression (CSC), which is based on a complex series of algorithms that compress and then optimize content by each individual file within a web page, providing a dramatic improvement in access speeds.

£25 per year is heavy stuff and I'm not sure if it accelerates that good on one hand/saves volume on the other hand to reduce my GPRS costs. Has anyone of you tried it already?

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by GJB on 06.05.05 - 21:44:48

After reading the article, I downloaded the software and my initial impressions are excellent speed but some bizarre side effects.  I am running the i-mate Jam and connecting via T-Mobile USA, generally around 30kps. When I initially loaded the software, it would not work. In order to get it to work I needed to enter my T Mobile setttings into the "My Work" Connections region. Now it works, marvelously I might add.  However, e-mail will not download unless I change the settings back to where the ONSPEED wont work.  Go figure! The vendor is attempting to help via on line chat and e-mail  so they appear to be responsive. So thus far I give it a tentative thumbs up because my dowloads are atleast twice as fast.

Posted by cheekymonkey on 07.05.05 - 01:18:30

I downloaded too and am very impressed. An average of about 7x compression and Hotmail via HTTPmail is lightning fast.

With me also it wouldn't work initially until I saw what it did: my GPRS connection was unavailable so it was attempting to connect via my unused WAP connection. All I did was exit ONSPEED and change "Programs that automatically connect to a private network should connect using:" to 'My ISP' instead of 'My Work Network'.

ONSPEED uses the connection specified here and temporarily removes the unused one (in my case WAP) from view in the connection settings pages, and from the network icon in the notification area.

As from ONSPEED help:

When the ONSPEED Web Accelerator Client is enabled, it acts as an internet proxy (HTTP) which is managed through the Pocket PC Connection Manager. The application is installed as a proxy for your Work network. You can find out what settings your Work network uses by opening the Connection Manager (Start -> Settings -> Connections -> Connections) and tapping Select Networks from the Advanced tab. The network that ONSPEED establishes a proxy for is the one found under Programs that automatically connect to a private network should connect using.

If your Work network already requires such a proxy to connect to the internet then you may encounter problems using this application. ONSPEED will save your existing HTTP proxy information before writing its own and will revert these changes when the service is disabled, or you exit the program.

I think that ONSPEED should ask you what connection you want to use and set that when you install / use ot for the first time.

Arne: I've been away for a bit but I have to say well done on the site update and redesign. Great work! Plus many thanks for posting about this: my last month's GPRS usage was around 50meg so this will pay for itself in no time plus make those email and browse sessions all the quicker.

Posted by CLIVE on 15.07.05 - 15:57:13

ONSPEED - I have been using ONSPEED for approx one year [have in fact just renewed my subscription at a discount for the year ahead].  I can thoroughly recommend ONSPEED to anyone with DIALUP - it will accellerate downloads by up to five times [5 x times] - it will work with B'band but only speed up by x 3 [approx].

Your internet download speed depends to a large extent on the number of people using the internet in your location via your local tephone exchange.  There are certain times of day - say from 4pm to 6pm [your local time] when the kids have come home from 'skool' and are doing their homework on the internet or playing games or whatever.  Later, this mad mob are joined by the 'Honey, I'm home' brigade who have just returned from the office and need to surf like mad before sitting down to the evening meal.  Once this crowd have removed from the internet your download speed, using ONSPEED with dialup will work faster.

ONSPEED improves download performance any time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - GET IT TODAY.  Go into your usual search slot [GOOOOOGLE, etc] and type in ONSPEED, it will take you immediately to the ONSPEED mainsite.  All you need is either a credit card or switch and you'll have the thing downloaded and working quite quickly.


Posted by NH on 29.04.06 - 11:20:52

The ONSPEED Asia Pacific web-site is now up and running, serving the Regional Marketing Support for both the ONSPEED and ONSPEED Mobile products. Recent ONSPEED tests in Asia have accomplished around NINE times 3G Data Card acceleration and ELEVEN times GPRS Internet surfing speeds. Highest 3G Data Card speed acceleration to date has been at just over 5Mbps - yes - that IS FIVE Mbps. ONSPEED product launch discounts are also available on the site:

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