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ACCESS: 3 UK unveils X-Series Plans and Prices
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 03.12.06 - 17:26:12 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 12290x
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The recently announced X-Series service from 3 offers unprecedented choice for consumers wishing to stay in touch, find information and stay entertained on the move. For the first time, mobile users will be able to take advantage of a xo called unlimited Internet access (which is fair use anyway) from their mobiles; make nearly unlimited calls from their mobile to any Skype PC customer worldwide and to any other Skype 3 mobile customer; watch their home television on their mobile and access their home PC files remotely. Now, 3 UK also unveiled the prices and terms and conditions for its X-Series service which is launched in the UK first.
X-Series was devised by 3 to bring the full Internet experience to mobile users, and offers consumers an unrivalled choice of services that blur the boundaries between mobiles and PCs.

The launch of the X-Series from 3 not only takes the mobile Internet experience to a new level, but constitutes a landmark in how to charge for mobile services. Replicating the established home broadband pricing model, all X-Series customers will pay a monthly fee for access and use their unlimited mobile UMTS broadband connection to access the Internet and enjoy a unique range of free services.

The X Series from 3 is available since last Friday in two mobile broadband packages, 'X-Series Gold' and 'X-Series Silver' - priced at £10 (around US$ 20) and £5 (around US$ 10) a month respectively.
Both the 'Silver' package and the 'Gold' package offer unlimited fair use Internet access on the move and free Skype calls - both nationally and internationally - to other Skype users. The Gold package also offers access to Slingbox and Orb- innovative services that allow home TV and what's stored on home PCs to be accessed and viewed on mobiles. Unlimited Windows Live Messenger and access to eBay are also included with all of 3's Pay Monthly price plans.

X-Series is available direct from 3 via 3 stores, online at and by calling 0870 358 6957. To sign up to X-Series from 3, customers simply pick their mobile, select their preferred price plan, then select whether they want the Gold or Silver option.

Graeme Oxby, Marketing Director of 3 UK, commented: "X-Series is mobile Internet as it was meant to be - unlimited access and free at the point of use. Moving away from charges per call, per megabyte and per message will set consumers free to enjoy mobile broadband services without having to think about what it's costing. So if you're an X-Series customer with 3, your Skype calls, instant messaging, E-Mailing and Internet searching won't cost you another penny."

Commenting on the increased choices offered by X-Series from 3, Oxby said: "People are not just searching on the Internet now, but are using their broadband connections to take advantage of innovative services like Skype and messenger. We've embraced this trend and moved quickly to ensure that consumers can have the same choices when they're away from home as they do when they're sitting in front of their pc."

3's X-Series services include:

  • Unlimited access to the Internet via mobile.
  • All X-Series customers will be able to access the Internet using their mobiles whenever they want.
  • Unlimited Skype to Skype calls: 3 is the first mobile service in the world to offer its customers Skype on their mobiles, allowing them to make and receive free calls on the move to any Skype PC customer worldwide and to any other Skype 3 mobile customer as part of the X-Series package.
    More than 130 million people worldwide are using Skype to make free calls using their home PC Internet connection. 3's innovation allows its customers to make free calls to other Skype users with their mobiles as well. Customers simply add their Skype contacts to the contact list on their mobile. They will be able to see when these contacts are online and available to call.
  • Cashing in on E-Mail and IM: In addition to unlimited open web access, X-Series customers will benefit from free webmail services. 3's E-Mail package enables its customers to access their own webmail, including gmail, Yahoo! and AOL, on their phones. Also included with all 3 Pay Monthly price plans is free Windows Live Messenger (previously called MSN Messenger), which means 3 customers can take part in conversations they'd otherwise miss when they're out and about.
  • Downloading free podcasts: X-Series customers can search and download podcasts for free while on the move - removing the need to plan ahead and download a favourite podcast from a PC before they set off. Download speeds are fast, with a 45 minute podcast taking just two minutes to download.
  • Remote access to files on your PC - and more music for your money
    For the first time ever 3 customers will be able to access the contents of their home PC remotely from their mobile. The service, called 'Orb' can be used to access files saved on a PC, including your music, photos and videos.
    Orb will allow X-Series users to access their music collections stored on their PC. Selected tracks can be streamed direct to the handset. This service complements the network's popular 3MusicStore, which lets customers download tracks to their PC as well as their mobiles for no extra charge.
    The Orb service is included in the X-Series Gold package.
  • Sling your TV to your mobile: The X-Series 'Gold' package also offers 3 customers access to whatever home TV services they subscribe to, wherever they are, via a Slingbox. So X-Series Gold customers can watch channels live, or watch programmes they've already recorded onto hard disc drives at home. 3 will be offering Slingboxes - this year's must-have TV gadget - to customers who sign up to the X-Series for a market-beating £99.99.

Initially 3's X-Series services will be available on the Nokia N73 handset with the Sony Ericsson W950i following in January. More details on the X-Series Silver and Gold packages can be found at

X-Series Silver and Gold offer unlimited use of these mobile broadband services with high fair use limits which all except unfair users should find difficult to reach. See for full details of 3's fair use policy. X-Series Silver and Gold have a minimum term of 6 months when purchased on connection to 3, but customers who buy a Slingbox on X-Series Gold will have a minimum of 12 months.

Cheers ~ Arne

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