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ACCESSORIES: ORA original SPV Car Kit and SPV Simple Car Kit
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 16.04.03 - 14:23:21 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 7133x
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Ora just passed me the following information and photos about their Original Car Kit and Simple Car Kit for the Orange SPV:

The car kit is 149.99 Pound Sterling while the simple car kit will go for 59.98 Pound Sterling. For the car kit a professional installation is suggested as if this were not done by a qualified person it may invalidate the warranty.

Unlike it is announced on the homepage, Ora told me that it is available in the next couple of weeks. :?:

If you wonder if it will work with the Orange SPVx aka HTC Tanager - I got a clear yes from Ora which makes sense as both use the same platform with a slightly modified backside of the phones!

SPV Car Kit

SPV Simple Car Kit

I, from my point of view, absolute recommend a car kit, if you plan to use your SPV more often in your car. I'm also using car kits with my car and nothing compares to it; also not a simple headset! It also includes a magnetic antenna.

If you plan to use your SPV in different cars, the Simple Car Kit might be something you should go with. Simply plug it into cigarette lighter in vehicle and its ready to go. Simple and efficient.

I think, I will go with the Simple Car Kit, as I already have a Nokia car kit installed.

Both, the Car Cit and the Simple Car Kit are available for pre-order from Ora.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Will on 21.04.03 - 01:45:51

Still no actual user reviews of the full carkit?

When will anyone confirm this kit:

> actually works

> is of decent build quality

> fits into main brand and model specific car stereos.

> What qualification is required for the fitter to ensure warranty?

> If replacement parts will be available (ie antenna) for moving to other vehicles.

Posted by Donal Keane on 24.04.03 - 13:30:24

Hi there!

Some answers to the questions put forward ...

1) Yes of course it does and incredibly well too - quality is in excess of standard OEM kits.

2) Product is manufactured by the same company as the SPV itself ... need I say more.

3) Yes it does - totally compatible.

4) Orange Approved Installation Agent, Member of the Guild of Craftsmen, similar membership of association (dependent on country of residence). The car kit itself is under warranty with Ora but, once installed onus is upon installer should installation prove to be the cause of any problems experienced.

5) All components are under warranty and replacement/alternate antennae are available from Ora - bearing in mind the kit does include an antennae as standard.

Hope this clear up your questions and bear in mind that stock has now been received by Ora (as of 23/4/03) - demand is incredible and we are taking advance orders.

Donal Keane


Posted by Stephan Schmidt on 25.04.03 - 14:48:33

@ Donal Keane

Can you confirm that the car kit will also fit to the Tanager? I've heard that the docking station of the SPV doesn't fit to the Tanager.

Posted by Gears on 25.04.03 - 15:29:40

I can't speak for the car-kits, but I have tried the flexible keyboard on the Tanager / SPVx and it works well. Presuming that the same cradle device is used for the car kits, that should also fit. smile

Posted by Donal Keane on 29.04.03 - 00:12:01

@ Stephan

100% - in all its guises - be it the SPVx/SPV2/e100/ and whatever the network .... LOL.

The first 4,000 have already sold through - took receipt of a further 2,500 today but, again we have sold down to 150 ... WOW. Not to worry though next delivery is imminent ... :-)

@ Gears

Howdy mate !!! And thanks for answering in my absence - been busy and just wasn't watching - sorry.

Hope this is answered to everyone's satisfaction.

Donal Keane


Posted by Will on 19.05.03 - 03:36:21

@ Donal Keane

Several users have reported the holder to 'squeak' and scratch the phone. Is this issue being looked into?

I asked 'fits into main brand and model specific car stereos', as there is no cellular mute or head unit support, how is this support obtained??

Or is it POSSIBLE to utilise the stereo 'cellular features' with this kit?

I've 6 speakers in my car already, so i really don't want that ugly extra one!


Posted by Arne Hess on 19.05.03 - 11:31:09

@Will: I've copied your questions for Donal to the ORA Forum at PPCW.Net also, as that Forum is monitored by ORA and that one is the better place to discuss your questions.

Please find it here: http://.../

For more information regarding the car kit, see also my review here: http://.../

Regarding the scratches: I can't confirm this. I'm using the car kit several times per day for a week now and it doesn't scratched my SPV so far.

Posted by Redmond on 16.03.05 - 11:23:18

forv anyone interested I am selling one of these on ebay

ends 25th March 05

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