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ADVERTISING: How to explain a customer that a mobile phone is web enabled?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 05.01.04 - 19:53:20 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 8136x
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Today I just came across the following advertising from mobilcom Germany; a German GSM Service Provider who is reselling T-Mobile, Vodafone and E-Plus minutes and service plans under its own name and brand and previously also owned a German 3G license.

I was really amazed when I saw a Nokia 3650 with a Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer in their latest flyer ;-)

Hehehe... Either the mobilcom product manager is a funny guy or even better - a Pocket PC user or mobilcom's advertising agency already realized that Pocket PCs and its Pocket Internet Explorer is the de facto standard for mobile Internet devices! ;-)

However, the Nokia 3650 doesn't support the shown Web but XHTML "only" by default which means mobilcom is directing the reader into the wrong direction! :-(

So if you want to get a real Pocket Internet Explorer enabled device, you should consider to buy either a Microsoft Pocket PC Phone Edition like the PPCW.Net i-Mate Phone Edition or if you are looking for something smaller and more handy you should think about a Microsoft Smartphone!

But still funny to see a Nokia device (just a Nokia) with a Microsoft Pocket PC Pocket Internet Explorer... ;-) LOL... :-D

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Jake on 06.01.04 - 13:46:07

don't we know that from other mobile providers/manufacturers too. showing pictures of phones that display high color images when the displays are only capable of 256 colors or less? showing that mobiles with integrated camera can shoot pictures with the quality of a 3 meg digital camera but they only have 300.000 pixels or less? and not to mention the video capture at "full speed" when in reallity you can only get 2-5 frames?

Posted by Matt R. on 06.01.04 - 19:19:07

I totaly agree Jake.  Just recently I saw Charlie's Angels Full Throttle (the 2nd part...for the second time) and "Angels" were using SE T610 to shoot pictures.   There would not be anything bad about it execpt for the fact that the photographed objects were some documents, which were held in hand by some guy...which appeared to be about 200 meters away...yet the pictures came out perfectly clear (like you stated from 3 MP camera or better).  This is indeed a false advertising.  I am guilty of owning Nokia 3650 but was quite tempted to get SE610 (even before seeing Charlie's Angels)...then a friend of mine got one and I got to experience the picture quality first hand.... WOW - W H A T  A  D I S  A P P O I N T M E N T.....the picture was barely visible on SE 610...I won't even mention the PC screen....I think the first web cameras were of better quality.  Nokia is 10 times better that SE....althougn more chunky.  I hate to brag about Symbian here but I am waiting for the release of Sendo X now.  I would switch to MS Smartphone (i do own PPC... iPaq 5455 with PPC 2003) but I have one problem with it...maybe someone can answer this question.... I'm Polish living in the US.  I had my Nokia flashed with Polish, English and German T-9 and interface (this was the complete language pack) as I send a lot of SMS' to my friends in Poland and in the US... so I do need both of the languages.  As I said I would switch to MS SP but I am not if there's any localised version that would include at least Polish and English T-9 dictionary.  Perhaps add on package but yet I have to find it.  So until MS comes out with language packs - I am staying in Symbian camp.  Cheers to all and a Happy New Year from freezing Chicago


Posted by Filip Norrgård on 07.01.04 - 19:42:44

LOL big_smile

Thanks Arne for sharing that! It made my day.

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