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ANNIVERSARY: Happy birthday D2 PRIVAT - better known as Vodafone D2 now
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 21.06.02 - 19:09:00 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 12031x
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Wow, how the time goes bye. Today - ten years ago - Mannesmann Mobilfunk launched the first German GSM network, called D2 PRIVAT,  which was also the first private, non-PTT, GSM network in the world! Ten years later, D2 Privat is Vodafone D2 and Mannesmann, one of the largest and traditional German industry corporations, is history since it was taken by Vodafone (Airtouch - also history today).

I remember well the time when the GSM networks was launched in Germany and not to much later I started working in the GSM business too. In the beginning, the GSM networks was planned for 20 Watt car phones only (remember that a modern mobile phone has 1 - 2 Watt only today) and nobody imagined a mobile phone which fits onto the pocket. Also all business plans and forecasts I saw at that time was about a penetration of something less 10 %! Every forecast was reached after 2 - 3 years and also Mannesmann Mobilfunk (which was also called MMO) reached the first black zero 2 years after its launch.

Well done Dr. Peter Mihatsch and Mr. Jürgen von Kuczkowski! Congrats for this! Congrats GSM - a still leading technology!

Cheers ~ Arne