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ANNOUNCED: Sierra Wireless announces Voq Professional Phones
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 08.10.03 - 15:39:01 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 8713x
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And the mysterious manufacture was: Sierra Wireless!

Sierra Wireless announced today the Voq line of professional phones and value-added software for business users. New Voq-branded professional phones will be based on Microsoft Windows Mobile software for Smartphones and will feature both a familiar phone keypad and unique flip-open QWERTY thumbpad. The Voq product line also includes other hardware and software innovations for easy information navigation and retrieval, compelling text entry, and email that is automatically updated. The first Voq model will support global markets by operating over the GSM and GPRS wireless networks and is planned for commercial availability in the first half of 2004.

The Voq professional phone is based on Windows Mobile software for Smartphones, which enables users to synchronize their most important information from Outlook, browse the Internet, listen to music, and customize their phones with personalization options. It has a 200MHz Intel® PXA262 processor with stacked flash memory with value-added hardware and software product capabilities that include:

  • A familiar 12-key dial-pad for full mobile phone functionality and a unique flip-open QWERTY thumbpad for easy text entry
  • A remarkably simple way to store, navigate and retrieve information
  • Secure, automatically updated e-mail requiring no desktop redirector or dedicated server. The e-mail solution supports standard enterprise email systems including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and Novell Groupwise
  • Software upgrade options with advanced e-mail functionality and support for existing Virtual Private Networking (VPN) security systems.

These capabilities are the result of extensive primary market research into the communications needs of mobile professionals. Sierra Wireless has an active IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) program and has applied for patent protection to cover the unique hardware and software differentiators it has conceived in the Voq product line. "Sierra Wireless has expertise in providing wireless data solutions for business users, and we're pleased to welcome their new handset based on our Windows Mobile software," said Juha Christensen, Corporate Vice President of the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft. "The Voq brand of Smartphones from Sierra Wireless combines the power and familiarity of our Windows Mobile software into an exciting and unique design."

"Sierra Wireless has done a great job creating a family of computing and communications devices with very innovative designs," said Ron Smith, senior vice president and general manager of Intel's Wireless Communications and Computing Group. "With the power and performance of the Intel processor and memory components, the Voq professional phone has delivered convergence and mobility for the business user."

"Voq leverages our own expertise in enterprise wireless data and our existing channels and relationships," said David Sutcliffe, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sierra Wireless. "Busy professionals and corporate users need a wireless solution that can deliver compelling voice and data functionality in a single, pocketable device. We are investing in expanding our product line to meet these needs and are doing so with a continued business focus on growth and profitability."

The company has an existing global network of wireless operators and corporate technology channels and expects to take Voq to market under co-branding arrangements with some of these channels. Voq hardware and software products will be in network operator and end user testing programs in Europe and North America through Q1 of 2004. In addition to working closely with Microsoft and Intel, Sierra Wireless is partnering with Flextronics International Ltd., a global leader in wireless handset manufacturing, to manufacture Voq products.

Hmmm... Interesting concept I don't want to comment now if I like it or not... ;-) But well, why not. Voq is picking up here the idea Nokia already introduced with its Nokia 6800. From flip-phones to flip-keyboards - seems to become a new trend.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Arne Hess on 08.10.03 - 15:51:26

So what's your impression :?: now where we know who it is and what he was working on... :idea:

Okay, I had a closer look to it and the interactive demo and here are my impressions (totally subjective and based on a web based multimedia experience only):

It looks a little bit bulky, more like a ruggedized Tanager and I'm really not sure if the thumb keyboard makes that much sense. I've tried some of that keyboards in the past and as good as they work for stylus based Pocket PCs I think it might be to small and shaky on a cell phone. Also T9 already does a good job and something I don't want to do is to use both hands for using my cellphones.

Hmmm... So far so good - any other thoughts here?

Posted by APA on 08.10.03 - 16:24:30

Well the design looks nice, however as long as the detailed tech specs are not clear I will keep my excitement at bay. Seen too many nice looking under powered, ill-featured devices. If it is released in 2004 I would expect bluetooth & WiFi integrated, especially when they brag about their WiFi expertise. Also enough RAM (starting at 128 MB) would be nice to see. ;-)

Posted by sebset on 08.10.03 - 17:29:55

Size of the phone? 150x60x35 mm?

Posted by AnyTime on 08.10.03 - 20:23:48

I quite like the phone in general... kinda hope it has a camera (I haven't seen any mention of one yet).  Don't know about the WiFi or Bluetooth... Bluetooth might be nice for a wireless headset but WiFi on a phone... GPRS is plenty fast enough for phone use.  Any idea whether this is skinable?  Faceplates with matching wallpapers would be nice.

Posted by Arne Hess on 08.10.03 - 20:36:19

@AnyTime: I hope it too that there is any kind of camera attach for it. Smartphones without cams are useless at all.

Bluetooth is a must have, specially in the business segment where it is going to be positioned - just think about road warriors and their use of Notebooks.

Wi-Fi would be fine but I think we will see this full featured devices first in the PPCPE segment rather then in the SMP segment and yes, you are right - GPRS is just fine enough today.

The faceplate idea is a good one - however also I don't have any more informations - unfortunately and Sierra Wireless doesn't responded to my E-Mails. Not before my posting yesterday neither after...

But maybe you - AnyTime - have more luck to contact them? ;-)

If so, you might want to give them my E-Mail address for further discussion I would like to have with them: arne(at)ppcwDOTnet...

Posted by APA on 08.10.03 - 23:27:50

Well I saw a report where they said no bluetooth, if this is true, bye bye for me. Not into going back to stoneage Irda. Also if the memory info (32RAM, 48 MB Flash is true, not what I expect from a Smartphone on the market in 2004.


Posted by AnyTime on 08.10.03 - 23:38:41

They also said there was an SD slot for more FLASH memory though... 32MB ram should be ample for a phone or MP3 application with a 200MHz processor.  48MB Flash should do for most mini-applications and the SD slot should do well for carrying all my MP3s.  I have no probs with the specs as far as this goes.  And since I don't have a laptop with Bluetooth but I DO have a laptop with Irda, I'm glad they left support for that in there.

Posted by Mathias Pettersson on 09.10.03 - 07:32:56

Finally we get to see it! The design isn't too bad I think, except for the waist-shape which gives it a barcode scanner look. I like the Thumbboard, don't know how well it will work though. Will the phone lie flat on a table? I wonder how they pulled that off with MS being so stern with their hardware specs for the Smartphone OS. If you push "C" on the thumbboard will it be translated through hardware to three strikes of "2"?

AnyTime: WiFi on a phone makes it hardware-ready for VoIP on a wireless LAN.

Posted by elvirleonard on 22.02.05 - 18:16:13

This phone is perfect for a professional who need on the go email access. POP, IMAP, VPN, you name it. If this phone has got bluetooth or camera; i'm sure the battery wont last long. I have been using this phone for 1-2 months and I'm quite happy with it. You can sync your email and reply them during on the tube. and send it again later on.

One bad side of this phone is that if the device is low in memory, it's going to be slow. Well; what do we expect from Bill Gates product.. smile but at least it supports my needs smile

Have a try smile


Posted by Kayle on 27.02.06 - 02:33:59


I'm from portugal, and i realy intrested in this phone.. but i didn't understand at all..

Does it have wi-fi?

Can this phone acess to a router hos connected to internet and view web pages.. mail.. etc?

Sorry about my english..

Ps: Thanks for answers

Posted by NG on 02.03.06 - 00:27:40

Kayle wrote:


I'm from portugal, and i realy intrested in this phone.. but i didn't understand at all..

Does it have wi-fi?

Can this phone acess to a router hos connected to internet and view web pages.. mail.. etc?

Sorry about my english..

Ps: Thanks for answers

I think it'll support a wi-fi card but it doesn't have built in wi-fi

Posted by NG on 02.03.06 - 00:48:38

woops. Just found out that it doesn't support sdio so it can't do any wi-fi or bluetooth.

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