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APPROVAL: Samsung's i900/i900V and i908 receives GCF certification [UPDATE]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 22.07.08 - 11:08:04 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 20395x
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We already know who the Samsung SGH-i900 and SGH-i900V are (both are also known as the Samsung Omnia) but so far we haven't received any confirmation what the SGH-i908 is about. Nevertheless, all three mobile phones (the two i900's are confirmed Windows Mobile Professional smartphones) just received the GCF (Global Certification Forum) approval which means they are network and GSM/3GPP standard compliant which again leads us to the speculation that the SGH-i908 is indeed the North American version of the Samsung Omnia. According to the GCF, all three handsets support quadband GSM, UTRA FDDI (UMTS at 2100 MHz), MMS and CS (Circuit Switched) 3GPP/VT (Video Telephony). However, there is no indication which UMTS bands are supported:

Nevertheless, according to Samsung's past naming schema of it's Windows Mobile smartphones, it's somewhat confirmed expectable that the i908 is indeed Samsung's North American Omnia version which is most hopefully released by AT&T later this year.

UPDATE: Sorry but I made a mistake in the initial article! FDDI (which the i908 features) stands for UMTS support at 2100 MHz while FDDII stands for UMTS at 1900 MHz and FDDV stands for UMTS support at 850 MHz. Therefore it cannot be expected that the SGH-i908 is the North American version of the Omnia, even if the naming still indicates it.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Frustrated by the iphone on 22.07.08 - 14:29:19

No, PLEASE!!! Hopefully the GCF is mistaken! :-( I'm here in the US with AT&T but I don't want an iphone but I want an OMNIA since I saw the two videos here!!! I want a better camera and full Bluetooth and wouldn't mind to import it if only it would support AT&Ts HSDPA network!

Posted by the undude on 23.07.08 - 13:23:48

hmmm.... i really hope the omnia does come to america this year, but i'm a little scepticle.  there are rumors that the samsung i788 (blackjack iii) will hit at&t in october...  the form factor of the i788 competes with palms and not the iphone, so i tend to believe the rumors.  but the omnia is so close to the iphone form factor, i'd be surprized  if at&t added this device as it seems to compete with their new exclusive phone.  but maybe at&t will have better for them business terms with samsung and could make more money from selling omnias....

Posted by Arne Hess on 23.07.08 - 13:55:53

Indeed, I always belived into this i788 rumor (see my posting from April this year here) and because I was always convinced, that the i788 speaks for a North American SGH-i780 version, I also saw reasonable chances that a i908 might be again the North American version of the Omnia. Well, as long as Samsung hasn't denied a launch of the Omnia in North America, there is the chance we will see it released there as well but as you say, the Omnia is pretty close to the iPhone. On the other hand, also T-Mobile Germany is selling/going to sell both phones in parallel, why not AT&T as well?

Posted by the undude on 24.07.08 - 06:11:30

so, if we recap a few at&t rumors, the se x1, omnia and i788 are all heading to at&t.   and then the new htc diamond and touch pro looks like they are heading to verizon and sprint.  seems like a reasonable balance....

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