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AVAILABILITY: Motorola MPx220 appears at Best Buy
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 08.10.04 - 20:07:52 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 7572x
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AVAILABILITY: Motorola MPx220 appears at Best Buy

According to Mike from Smartphone Thoughts, the Motorola MPx recently appeared at Best Buy:

We just received word that the Motorola MPx220 is officially in stores now. Best Buy is selling Cingular branded version for $349.99 with a contract or $499.99 without a contract. It is also worth mentioning that they are unlocked devices.

So far there is nothing on Best Buy's homepage and my next Best Buy is a 6 hours flight away from me. ;-) So can anyone in the U.S. can confirm the news?
By the way: if it really appears there, you can be confident that it is the final hardware, not the pre-production hardware I was talking about before! So go ahead - who is the first in this thread who bought a MPx220 there?

Cheers ~ Arne

Source : [Smartphone Thoughts]


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Posted by David Voehringer on 09.10.04 - 03:14:24

I bought two at the San Bruno BB store south of San Fran.  Out of the 7-8 BB stores in the area, 4 of them had 10 phones each.  The sound is very weak.  Hope I can find a setting that lets me increase the volume.  On speakerphone setting the sound is OK if you hold it to your ear like normal phone use.  Seems like they might have set these volumes too low across the board.


Posted by lutzh on 09.10.04 - 09:37:39

"By the way: if it really appears there, you can be confident that it is the final hardware, not the pre-production hardware I was talking about before!" - and the bugs are still the same as before. just check out article on howardforums from those who bought it. congratulations motorola and good luck o2 for selling the mpx220...

cheers, lutz

Posted by McHale on 09.10.04 - 14:57:47

lutzh, let's wait until a few people get them before you say how crappy they are...  unless you have one of course. 

Didn't think so...

It's going to *WAY* outsell that C500 any way you want to look at it so I wouldn't call it a failure for Motorola.


Posted by It on 09.10.04 - 17:05:37

Lutz had he isn't talking about something he doesn't know....

Posted by the mirror on 09.10.04 - 18:03:44

[4] lutzh had had pre-production devices only, not the final one! therefore he can't vote on the quality yet.
i will go with the 220 as soon as it appears here; like it over the c500!

Posted by Arne Hess on 11.10.04 - 01:56:05

[7] I see a ROM update on the horizon to get it fixed! :-( hopefully Motorola will release it pretty soon - seems to become a real pain the "volume problem" and yes, it's a problem since a mobile phone is for voice communication first!

Hello Moto - do you hear me? ;-)

Posted by McHale on 10.10.04 - 04:43:22

The reports are coming in and they ARE consistant about it being real quiet.  That bugs me a little.

However, that is easily fixed (and probably immediately via reg hack until the update comes along).

I don't own one yet.  But for 249, I guarentee I will.

SO, Lutzh may be right.  I'm still assuming it will surpass the MPx200 in everything - including battery life.

Damn I want WI-FI though sad


p.s.  it will still outsell the c500 easily.

Posted by Cam on 11.10.04 - 01:28:24

I got one from Best Buy last Thursday and can confirm that the sound is REALLY week on calls(with volume all the way up)--you can barely hear the person on the other end. This is the killer for this phone. It would be impossible to use it in a mildly noisy environment.

Hope there's a hack for this soon

Posted by Grant on 11.10.04 - 07:31:46

Any guess when it will be available in other areas (Minnesota)? Do any of you know what providers other that Cingular will have it?

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