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AVAILABILITY: O2 xda II to be released on November 1st in Europe
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 22.10.03 - 20:39:36 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 6252x
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As mmO2 has announced today it's planning to release the xda II in Europe first of November this year.
According to mmO2 the release price, which is planned for the O2 courtiers Germany and UK (no word about Ireland) is £349 with a 12 months contract in UK and 499 Euro with a 24 months contract in Germany. Without a contract the xda II should costs 799 Euro (from O2 Germany).

Kent Thexton, chief marketing and data officer, mmO2, said: "Even today, a year after its successful launch, the xda from O2 is a leading device of its class. The Xda II reinforces our commitment to lead in mobile data and is attracting high value customers.
By combining a high specification product, outstanding functionality, customer-focused packages and transparent pricing, we believe the Xda II will leverage the success of the xda and continue to win us market share. We expect it to be one of this years most wanted Christmas gifts!"

So far no date was given for a release in Ireland or Asia. Also T-Mobile hasn't announced any release date for their "MDA II"

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Craig on 22.10.03 - 22:58:49

Just a bit confused with the pricing there Arne. In Germany it will cost 799 euro with a 2 yr contract or 799 euro without a contract?? Interesting pricing strategy smile

Posted by Arne Hess on 22.10.03 - 23:04:38

Hihihi... :-) :oops:

Corrected now... It's 499 with/799 without...

Thanks ~ Arne

Posted by Matt in OZ on 23.10.03 - 16:45:38

Just got an e-mail from O2 Asia. In it, it gave a few lil details about availability and the order ( i think) of its release:

The new products will be launched in the following countries in stages November 2003 through December 2004  in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Australia and Taiwan.

Couldn't believe some countries have to wait till DEC 04 tho!!!! I hope this is a typo. I think the XDA was released here in Australia around July by Telstra (i might be wrong there), so it stands to reason we might wait a while.

Posted by Dave-o in Oz too on 24.10.03 - 00:57:43

Hey Matt,

So was that list in some sort of order?   I read elsewhere on this site that Australia should get it by December 2003.  I am hoping this is the case.  My only dissapointment is the lack of strength in the IR, which prevent it from being used as a remote control.  And I can't find any SD Remote extending hardware to counter this. sad  Anybody have any solutions?  Arne: Did you test this feature on the model that your reviewing?

Happy hunting,


Posted by Jacko on 24.10.03 - 01:32:01

So Arne, what benefit is there in us Aussies waiting till it is officially released in Australia? Would we be missing out on anything by buying the i-Mate PE from

Posted by Matt in OZ on 24.10.03 - 04:00:47

Dave-o: Yes i remember reading that it was rumoured to be a December release in Australia. I believe the source was the O2 Manager in OZ. I would say to give another month yet before buying an overseas version. The order stated above was word-for-word from the email, but im only guessing that that will be the order of its release. As far as i know, Australia was pretty late getting the XDA, and i would say it will be the same with the XDA II. Alot of retailers would still have the original XDA in stock and would be pretty annoyed to discount it and lose money. I have checked around and the XDA is still AU $1299 in most places. Is that a sign???

I hope im wrong there, but we should just wait for more info.

Jacko: I believe i read something in the review about the ROM having Arabic info that would generally be free in the European version. Personally id wait till the XDA II comes out in the UK (Nov 1). We should know about a release date in Australia pretty soon.

Cheers Matt in OZ

Posted by Frank on 24.10.03 - 12:14:10

Hi guys,

just wanted to let you know, that I ordered the MDA II today at the multimedia department of t-mobile Germany and will get it someday next week :-))



Posted by Aye on 24.10.03 - 13:21:45

Will MDa 2 sell in EU country on not?

Posted by Mohd on 25.10.03 - 13:33:39

Thnks Eagle. Please do let me no when its availible



Posted by O2 Employee on 25.10.03 - 02:15:45

XDA II is available in O2 Retail Stores as of 25 October. I work for O2 Retail & all O2 stores recieved 7 x XDA-II's yesterday (Friday 24 October). Priced at £449 with a Data tariff only (no number provided) or £349 with Voice tariff or Data & Voice (DataMax + voice), the original XDA is now reduced to £199 with Voice or Data & voice or £249 with data only (no number provided). We recieved a message Friday afternoon on our Retail Intray stating that the XDAII can be sold as of opening of business 25 October 2003 instead of 1st November for everyone else who will be selling it. I have one in front of me now as a demo unit for traiing purposes and if you own a standard XDA, upgrade it now!!!! I know that I will be doing so in the morning.

Posted by Steven on 25.10.03 - 03:50:05

@ O2 Employee: Is there a sim-free, unlocked version of the XDA II? How much would it cost? And will It be shipped overseas (to Australia)?

Thanks for the info and look to hearing from you!

Posted by Mohd on 25.10.03 - 08:43:51

Thnks for the review it really was helpful. By the way i got myself the xda 2 (i-mate in the middle east). I watch alot T.V. and was wondering if there is any software that will allow me to use the xda 2 as a remote controller for my T.V.

Posted by chandrika on 25.10.03 - 10:52:38


any one knows wher Ican buy a bluetooth wirless ear phone for my xda


Posted by Spy Eagle on 25.10.03 - 12:09:51

@Mohd: So far you can't use it as a remote control. But this could be added in the future :?


Posted by DubWireless on 08.11.03 - 01:39:03

We just got the first O2 Brochure featuring the XDA II here in Ireland. It says it will cost 'From Eur 449'. O2 says they hope to have it releases here by December, but there was no further breakdown on cost for the alternative contract types / upgrades as yet.

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