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AVAILABILITY: PPCW.Net i-Mate Phone Edition in stock during today
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 20.11.03 - 11:15:37 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 6977x
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This is the shop product information from yesterday, where I've already pre-announced the availability of the PPCW.Net i-Mate Phone Edition during today.
If you also want to get the latest updates about device availabilities you should definitely create a PPCW.Net Shop account and subscribe to the device information you are interested in.

Dear PPCW.Net Shop Newsletter Subscriber!

You get this information because you have subscribed for news about the PPCW.Net i-Mate Phone Edition and I just want to let you know that I will receive the next batch today!
However, to make it easy and convenient for everybody around the world who is receiving this newsletter I will not update the shop until tomorrow (20.11.03) 6:00 PM CET (5:00 PM GMT). From that time, the PPCW.Net i-Mate Phone Edition can be ordered from the PPCW.Net Shop, using PayPal or Money transfer with FedEx or Deutsche Post shipping.

All PayPal orders I'm receiving between 6:00 PM and 1:00 PM the next day will be shipped on Friday; if you prefer to pay by money transfer your device is reserved for you for the next 2 business days to make sure I get your payment notification by E-Mail (a simple E-Mail in which you letting me know you've paid is good enough to continue the reservation) and will be shipped as soon as I've received your payment on my account.
All unconfirmed money transfer orders will lose its reservation status if payment wasn't confirmed within two business days after you've ordered.

Also it's important to know that the i-Mate Phone Edition might be sold out soon again because I have 5 times more news subscriber then devices in stock; even if the current batch is doubled to the last one. So it might be a good idea to be on time tomorrow.

If you are not able for any reason to order your device tomorrow the next batch is already ordered!

Best Regards ~ Arne Hess

Publisher & Editor in Chief PPCW.Net
Where Mobility meets Wireless
Microsoft MVP - Mobile Devices

Pocket PC, Smartphone & GSM at
Get your long awaited Smartphone 2002 and Phone Edition 2003 at

I really hate it that the current sales looks more like an auction but I can't order just 1000 pieces in the good hope I will sell them sooner or later! :-( Therefore the batches are fairly large but not that much as I have on the mailing list. However, as I said - next batches are already ordered.

If you don't know what's 5:00 PM GMT/6:00 PM CET is calculate it with Swatch's Internet Time:

  • Swatch Internet Time for 6:00 PM CET = @750

Find the Swatch Internet Time converter here.

And yes, if the Phone Edition disappears from the PPCW.Net Shop it's sold out again! Also if it appears later again with 0,00 Euro/US$ it's sold out - which I'm honestly expect for today's batch.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Joyce on 20.11.03 - 16:09:59

Still 2 hours to wait. :-(

Posted by Eax on 20.11.03 - 18:16:44

Are they allready sold out....? It disappeared from the shop... smile

Posted by jps on 20.11.03 - 18:23:25

How can it be sold out? At 6:00 CET (18:00 CET) it wasn't even in the shop / on the shop page. What happened?

Posted by Ronny on 20.11.03 - 18:29:45

I checked approx 18:12...and then the product was not available?

...I even prepared earlier today, by adding product, filling out that I could just press the CONTINUE button to buy at 18:00. sad

...hopefully this is just due to some temporary problem on the site...and I get to buy it in a few minutes?  ...I wish! smile

Posted by Arne Hess on 20.11.03 - 19:06:58

Guys, it's true! all PPCW.Net i-Mates sold in within 4 minutes. The last order I've received 18:04:37! 8O

And I'm not kidding you - they were for sale for sure! However, approximately 95 users were online at the same time so it was luck to get one - absolute! :-(

Here are the top 3 countries:

1st Netherlands

2nd USA

3rd Canada

@jps: It was online right from 18:00:03!

@Ronny: Sorry but it's not a temp system problem at all. :-(

Simply Sold Out Again...

Sorry to say ~ Arne

Posted by Pedro Porrello on 20.11.03 - 19:15:18

Arne, may I suggest you take orders in advanced. If you have a secure supplier and can guarantee delivery I would have no problem sending you the money right now. Is very dissapointing to sit in the computer for hours just to find out you where too late for four minutes.

Posted by Ronny on 20.11.03 - 19:19:14

I know from an earlier message from Arne that he got "burned" earlier taking preorders.  ...but if we PREPAY...then You can't get "burned" Arne! wink

I for one would prepay! wink

Posted by jps on 20.11.03 - 19:25:42

Thanks for keeping your word and putting it on the site at exactly the time you said you would Arne. I guess that the problem was that our clocks must not be in sync with the servers or yours.

Do you think that maybe it's a bit of luck to be one of the ones that is able to actually get into the store (fighting off another 94 users for first-come first-serve access). Being on time may not be a great guarantee of getting to purchase one. Maybe Pedro's idea is a good one.

I'd like to say that you do a really good job Arne. If I continue to be late every time, I still want you to know that I am so grateful for the work you do and the support you give us with our Pocket PC's. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Arne Hess on 20.11.03 - 19:34:28

@Pedro, Ronny, jps and everybody else: I have a thread with voting in the forum here: your might want to check out!

Tell me your opinion and do the voting! I would like to get more serious feedback from you guys!

Again, I'm really sorry that I wasn't able to make everybody happy but I try my best that until X-Mas everybody is happy!

So check out the forum and tell me what you think (voting is allowed for registered users only)!

Posted by Deedoo on 23.11.03 - 22:52:28

Hi all,

I found an another site (expansys) that sell Imate PDA...and Qtek2020 and O2 XDAII !?

I thought those 3 products were similar !?

Am I wrong ? Why do we have differents prices ?

Please, help me to understand...

Thanks folks ! ;-)

Posted by Mahdy Najfy on 26.11.03 - 05:07:26


I'm an iranian publisher, and bought a imate phone edition from GTEX .

if you add a account program and a dictionary in your device we can sell more than 1000 of that.

if you want sell your device in iran we can

with best regard

Posted by TG on 27.11.03 - 01:37:53

Could some one lead me to an English language manual for iMate phone edition?


Posted by Arne Hess on 27.11.03 - 12:46:12

@TG: Please have a look in this forum thread here:

Posted by TG on 27.11.03 - 14:22:20

Arne, you are great and beat Google. Well, if you give mouse a cookie,.... Help me with the next.

I am looking for a web-based calendar application that I can synchronize on the run with iMate. Something like yahoo calendar that will work on Pocket PC. Could Arne, or, some one,  been there and done that?

Thanks, TG.

Posted by Erik on 30.11.03 - 06:01:56

I am thankful, though, that you are making the devices available so that we don't need to wait for our carriers to make them available in our home countries.

Perhaps you could better estimate your demand if you allowed customers to pre-order products.  I would be glad to pre-order the device and know that my name was added to a queue rather than hoping to place my order for the small amount of time that the product is in stock.

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