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AVAILABLE: AT&T Motorola MPx200 Smartphone available from
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 20.10.03 - 20:17:12 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 7424x
Not Tagged has the Motorola MPx200 in stock now and ready for shipping within 2 - 3 days!
It's sold with an AT&T Wireless service plan only but the price isn't a bad one after the special offer: $149.99 8O

The Motorola Smartphone is a clamshell Smartphone running Windows for Smartphones 2002; for more details see David's review on PPCW.Net.

According to the specifications the MPx200 lets you "view and edit Microsoft Word attachments" which I wonder how to do it - so don't believe everything from them but better check out the review first. ;-)

UPDATE: has removed the availability of the Motorola MPx200:

"Availability: This item is not stocked or has been discontinued."

What, already "discontinued", right before it was released!? ;-)
Anyway - it's available now directly from AT&T Wireless but I haven't found a price there.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Oscar Troedson on 20.10.03 - 20:58:14

My god that's a go(o)d price

Posted by Dr.G on 21.10.03 - 06:10:36

Can you unlock this phone from AT&T to use with other??

Posted by Marc Lawrence on 21.10.03 - 18:14:27

Does anyone know if these phones are license-free, or are they locked like the Orange phones?  My question derives from wondering whether certain applications I am currently running on my i-mate will also run on this phone, like smartphonenotes, etc., that requires an unlocked phone.  Some of the shareware and other programs are invaluable add-ins for the smartphone, so I wouldn't want to lose that ability....

Posted by Marc Lawrence on 22.10.03 - 07:24:20

I contacted AT&T, as I am a current subscriber, and they state the phone is sim locked for use with AT&T networks only.  This means things like smartphone notes and other unlocked shareware will not be useable on your smartphone.  Hope someone figures out a work around.  Too much good software out there to be limited to a sim-locked phone.

Posted by DaJoker on 22.10.03 - 11:24:45

Marc, I believe you are confusing SIM LOCK with Application Locking. the former is when a carrier prevents you, as a user from using sim cards from another carrier in their device. the latter occurs when a a carrier decides not to allow users to install application to the MS Smartphone w/o certification

Posted by Marc Lawrence on 24.10.03 - 05:38:33

That may be.  I asked AT&T if the phone was locked to prevent non-certified softwared loading.  They came back with the sim lock answer.  I am certainly no tech platform expert, but the problem is that I know that most first line customer service people know less than me, so if anyone can test the motorola as to whether it allows non-certified software, I think that would be helpful.

Posted by Y.H.R. on 09.12.03 - 16:26:36

I think it's SIM locked. Or at least this is the behavior with my MpX 200:  you put in a SIM other than the AT&T SIM card came with it, the phone would give you a screen asking for unlock code and you CAN NOT pass this initial screen and therefore the phone would be useless. I was hoping to use my old motorola V66 for phone calls and use the new MpX 200 as a PDA, but this plan won't work unless I can unlock the MpX 200.

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