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AVAILABLE: Expansys Europe is shipping the i-mate JASJAR
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 07.09.05 - 22:12:21 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 13653x
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According to Expansys, they got the i-mate JASJAR in stock and it's ready/already shipping from all European Expansys shops (UK, Germany, France and others). In case you wonder what the JASJAR is - it's the HTC Universal with i-mate's product name (T-Mobile calls it MDA Pro, O2 will call it Xda Exec).
While Expansy is always "famous" for non-available preorders only now they say they have 689 in stock, so this could be legit.
And yes, also the price was adjusted now. Was it before £ 744.95, it's £664.95 now (without a contract) which is still 1240 US$ or 964.95 Euro which is well - still something expensive. Anyway, the Universal is a fantastic device and if you need something real *and* you have access to a UMTS network (I would say without it doesn't makes too much sense) it might be worth the money.

Anyway - the JASJAR is you chance to get a SIM free and locked device. T-Mobile's MDA Pro isn't an option for most of us because it is a) German (with German keyboard layout) and SIM locked which means you can not use another SIM card than T-Mobile Germany's SIM or USIM card.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Mobile Phone Fan 3 on 07.09.05 - 23:09:13

not any longer, see:

no longer T-Mobile requires money for SIM unlock for devices
purchased for 750 euro!

Posted by Arne Hess on 07.09.05 - 23:27:38

Still you have to get the unlock key (not that easy if you are outside Germany and unfortunately T-Mobile will continue to sell locked devices you have to unlock) and one 'problem' remains: it's still German OS with German keyboard.
Therefore the JASJAR will attract more customers.

Posted by zatsmee76 on 09.09.05 - 23:57:41

Well I heard from this site of course and from some friends that Univesal is going to be lunched at Gitex dubai (Sept. 26) and it will be SIM Free of course. The good news (well at least for people living in Middle east), it will be arabic enabled: arabic support and english / arabic keyboard.

It's funny how people change their minds: for a long time I have been thinking about this day when I buy it, but I am considering every day the bad design in this device: the fact u cant even see the calling number if it's in laptop mode and it's closed. Now I know it has support to speak the name, but forget it: What if I am in the meeting? it will look ridiculous as my GM is discussing company's strategy, and my mobile is shouting:your wife is calling.

Now add to all that, the fact that you just mentioned it's going to cost $1250. I always thought it will follow the same pricing patterns as its ancestors, which is always slightly less then 1000$. With this price, I ain't gonna buy it. I'd rather buy 2 tickets for me and my wife (and my 2 month old son who looks very much like me smile) and fly for vacation to Lebanon instead. I beleive I'll wait for some time, maybe a better device comes along, or maybe I'll raise and grow a money tree and when it's ready then I can buy one.

Keep the good faith.


Posted by lvermont on 10.09.05 - 03:57:05

hehehe, I'm shaking the money tree smile It's 1199 at two other US retailers.
Expansys US would be the cheapest advertised source as of today.

Posted by lvermont on 12.09.05 - 18:51:12

Imate jasjar should arrive by Thursday from expansys.

Posted by zatsmee76 on 28.01.06 - 14:07:18

This is probably a silly question: is there anyway we can modify / hack / crack the windows mobile 5.0 (its registry) and make the screen resolution on the JASJAR device 320x240 instead of the big silly resolution of 640x480? I guess it will speed up the device tremendously. Please comment!


Posted by Arvind on 20.02.06 - 21:09:12

I have an imate pocket PC, Model No.PH10B

How to activate internet- GPRS  ?
Please suggest me.

Posted by sunny on 15.04.06 - 01:23:06

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