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AVAILABLE: O2 Germany releases Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade for Xda trion
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 18.07.07 - 07:28:35 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 14983x
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Finally, after announcing plans to release the Windows Mobile 6 ROM Upgrade for the Xda trion (aka HTC Hermes) and releasing the first Windows Mobile 6 ROM upgrade for the Xda orbit, tonight O2 Germany released the long awaited ROM upgrade for the Xda trion.
Also interesting that it seems that O2 Germany has teamed with HTC to provide the download since the download is available from the HTC domain, not from the O2 domain anymore. And, unlike with previous ROM updates and ROM upgrades, you have to enter the device's serial number to get your hands on the bits.

Anyway it cannot take to long for other carriers to release their customized versions of the HTC Hermes ROM upgrades as well. For now, O2 Germany customers gets all the juice and fun to enhance their Hermes' with Windows Mobile 6 Professional.

As always, this ROM upgrade is for German devices only and will erase all your personal data from your device, so make sure to sync first.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Nightflyer on 18.07.07 - 09:06:04

What about an update for my XDA neo? As far as I can say it, I suppose the neo has been sold many times more than the Trion. So basically it seems logical to me to release an update for the device that has been sold more often.

Maybe you have any information about that Arne??

Posted by Arne Hess on 18.07.07 - 11:23:18

AFAIK neither O2 nor HTC has any plans to release an upgrade for the 'neo', unfortunately (at least that's the latest confirmed info I got some time ago)... IMHO the neo is still one of the best Pocket PC Phone Editions and as you said, it sold like sliced bread but this isn't a guarantee at all.

Posted by Nightflyer on 18.07.07 - 14:33:25

Thanks for the info.

Oh man this is really sad. I would have loved to have the new os on my neo, because it became a reliable companion for me and WM 6 would be a more than welcome update.

Anyway i don't quite understand the operators decision, as the number of sales would be an important point when it comes to the decision of releasing an update, but well, it is not the first time I cannot understand a carriers behaviour.
Still, my contract runs out at the end of the year, and I'm fancying an HTC Omni, so there is something I can look forward to;)

Posted by Starfini on 16.08.07 - 05:44:14

Sure would like to see T-Mobile join the others with an upgrade for the T-mobile MDA. After having bought an HP 6315 and shortly after purchase seeing both HP and T-Mobile abandoning it I was skeptical about purchasing the MDA. Discount or no I would like to see T-Mobile 'step up to the plate'. If smaller vendors can do this for their customers (even sooner) It would be nice to see T-mobile keep up with the pack. It is still surprising that T-Mobile is still hawking 200mhz processors instead of upgrading to at least 400 mhz with more memory to keep up with the demands of the added programs/features. How about removing some of the sample games and offer them as an optional install by the purchaser on a disk. Or how about putting in a basic/professional version of the program with the communications built in and allow the buyer to get a disk that has an option for Business use, Home use, Media/games use, and extended communications use where you just check off the applications you want on your Mobile device and leave the rest on the disk for install as the device is handed down to other famiily members. Perhaps Dad wants to use for work and needs an office suite and as many communications methods as possible and perhaps voice recorder or GPS. For the Home use model You might setup the programming for contacts, internet, messaging, appoinments, shopping list? For the Media setup you load programs for internet, messaging, games, videophone, TV, Radio, Music & camera. For the special cases you simply provide a list of available programming and have the install program tell the user when there is not enough room for the selections that have been made. A power version of a smartphone might have added memory. Programs/Features would include MS Office,GPS,Internet-WiFi-stereo Bluetooth-Irda,High speed phone/messaging-3gb camera - am/fm/xm radio - Two memory card slots - 4 inch hi-def screen (or 640x480)- slide on pack for future features or added battery capacity for trips or for media buffs.


Still Waiting (and looking at alternatives from MFR or other vendors).

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