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BEING MOBILE: Hello from sunny Boracay! Part 2
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Monday, 10.11.03 - 09:52:01 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 6936x
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I'm spending the last few hours of my Boracay trip with the Eten P300. As you know the P300 comes with a built-in camera, while positioned oddly on the front face of the device, the built-in camera should work well for video conferencing.

Here is a shot of me using the P300 in the shade. As you can see by these two photos, the P300 is such a small device, with a small screen. But the whole idea of it being small has its advantages.

And below is a photo from the P300's built-in camera. Taking photos with it may be considered a bonus, after all, as I was told, the main use of the camera is for video conferencing. :-)

Stay tuned for my P300 review soon.

Mabuhay ~ Carlo


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Posted by Pinnacle on 10.11.03 - 16:27:28

I've been looking forward to a review on this PPC Phone.  I've been following it since first reported on it a few months back.  Having a full PPC in what looks like a Treo 600 package (size) really appeals to me.

I probably would have already purchased one, but the 12-bit color screen and slower processor worried me.  I'm looking forward to your thoughts on these aspects of the device. 

Also, is the joystick good for general navigation and gaming?

Posted by Pinnacle on 10.11.03 - 16:37:23

One more there anyway for you to do a photo comparison of the size difference of this device to the original XDA in your review?  I'd love to see them stacked.  Thanks, Carlo!

Posted by leemrvnt on 11.11.03 - 10:31:35

any comparison with XDA II

Posted by KaktuZ on 18.11.03 - 21:40:38

Oh, I really need a review of this device... because of buying it smile

When will it be available here? And... Can someone name any links on such reviews on other sites? PLIZzzz!!! I can't find no one(!)... sad

Posted by Overlord on 19.11.03 - 04:48:37

KaktuZ, I'm selling mine for P26k, got it last Thursday (November 13, 2003) at Complink, EDSA Shangrila.  Complete package, with receipt.  Was supposed to give it to someone, but she wanted the SE P900 instead. =0) you could reach me thru my mobile: +63916-4373361

Posted by dasaint on 24.11.03 - 04:14:00

Any reviews re p300 eten I planning to get one soon.

Posted by lalita Crustacea on 10.12.03 - 07:01:46

Is that the lowest price?

Posted by lalita Crustacea on 10.12.03 - 07:02:05

Is that the lowest price?

Posted by Mithun Manhas on 24.12.03 - 16:26:24

I bought it from http://www.peripheralcorner...

I thought they offered the best price and for your information, i thought right smile

Posted by Annabelle Adriano on 18.01.04 - 15:06:49

Am holding out for the ETEN P700, but I read it doesn't come with a cam?

Posted by PDA_King on 11.02.04 - 03:53:01

Everyone...ur all lucky. i from malaysia..i got supply this ETEN P300...but water set...RM1000

got everything equipment...

send email to me..if u want..


Posted by PDA King on 11.02.04 - 06:12:18

sorry sorry wrong information.....not RM1000 more then to ask

Posted by Maurycy on 24.02.04 - 20:42:52

Hallo I´m from Germany my English is not the best. I hope you ounderstand my question.

Is the ETEN P300 the same like Yakumo omikron ( ) ???

I think is the same but in your shop coast it over 500$ and in Germany 300€ ( = 330$ ).

Please write me back.



(              )

Posted by gagan on 14.03.04 - 12:25:32

hello,mithun. you are the only one who seems to be an indian here. can u help me with how to buy this device from the net.i am new to this,it would be great if you could help

Posted by Aviral Bansal on 28.03.04 - 11:17:27

Hi Gagan:

It seems that there is a company in Delhi, India that is selling this product. But is priced really steep. They are asking for 33k (USD730). Which is very expensive.

If you want to get more details check their site...


I have got 3 people who are interested in this phone. In case you are seriously interested in this phone then maybe we all can get togather and negotiate some prices.



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