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BLACKOUT: Windows Live Messenger Mobile seems to be partly down
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 21.12.07 - 14:41:30 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 24245x
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Looks like the Windows Live Mobile service is partly in season holidays too. Since yesterday evening I'm not able to connect to the Windows Live Service or Windows Live Messenger on my Windows Mobile phones (and I got some feedback from other users with the same problem) while other users reported that it works for them. Seems Windows Live is running on several servers and depending on which server your account is hosted, you can either log-in or not. However, even if your account is hosted on a faulty server, it's possible to setup the account on the device and getting the buddy list synchronized, but after Windows Live Messenger cannot connect to the service:

Have you noticed similar problems or is your Windows Live Messenger Mobile working?

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Fuller on 21.12.07 - 15:09:48

Glad I'm not the only one! Also down here in NYC.

Posted by Olli on 21.12.07 - 17:42:11

Same for me, sync'ed and died...

Posted by Goztreh on 21.12.07 - 17:55:43

Same for me.
Down here, Bordeaux, France.

Posted by Peter Licht on 21.12.07 - 18:21:52

Same here, Windows XP works fine, my brand new O² XDA Orbit 2 is dead! sad
Merry Christmas from Berlin, Germany!

Posted by RobertWebbe on 22.12.07 - 10:59:44

In the Netherlands we have this problem specificaly with Vodafone. If you use a SIM from another network, it works fine. If your mobile device has wifi, it does not work either in case you let your Vodafone SIM in the phone. When you take out the SIM and try again to connect over wifi, it will work (so, we can conclude that the application is reading the SIM card and Vodafone users are blocked).

A week ago I mentioned this at Vodafone and Microsoft in the Netherlands and at that time they didn't know there was a problem. Now they find out themselves (lots of people were complaining) and made a statement that there is a technical problem they are trying to resolve it as soon as possible.

There are people who think that the problem is caused by the fact that Vodafone is releasing a own Vodafone (branded) version of a messenger client (which is not working either). I don't know if this version is an "officical" Microsoft version. When you start the application, you have to choose between Microsoft Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. So, maybe the Microsoft people in Redwood are not realy pleased with this Vodafone application and blocked access for them. But this is just an idea...

I hope this "problem" will be fixed soon but I expected that it will not be done this year anymore.

By the way, the only people who can use this service now, are people who using HTC's Touch and Touch Dual.

Posted by amida andeku on 25.12.07 - 03:38:50

i was freakin out cause i thought i lost it

Posted by Denis on 31.12.07 - 13:39:54

Since few weeks ago, same problem here in Italy (HTC Touch+Vodafone). Thought it was a problem of mine. In the new year we trust...

Posted by Jana on 03.01.08 - 09:13:29

I have the same problem from central

Posted by Rattlehead on 03.01.08 - 17:19:52

Same here with O2 Xda Orbit on O2 havent been able to sign in at all since the 20th of December (only got phone then) Will be interesting to see if there is a fix for it soon.


Posted by theo on 06.01.08 - 10:59:18

Same problem in greece with vodafone network.
Other networks work with LG KS20.

Posted by Fred on 06.01.08 - 23:39:20

Same with a Three card in the UK.

Works fine with an Orange or T-Mobile SIM in the phone, but with a Three (3), its the same error.

How do they block it on the SIM?

Posted by chrisimone on 08.01.08 - 07:08:17

one week ago i bought the lg ks20 pda with windows mobile 6 and wifi ...
when i try to log on to my msn messenger account the same message apear ....

yesterday i call the service support of vodafone and told them my problem but they deny and tell me that is my internet provider problem .... i insist that is not my internet provider problem because when i put another sim card not from vodafone it works fine
..... i hope we will find a solution

thans for listening


Posted by PrinceZKgr on 08.01.08 - 21:00:36

Same down here at Greece

HTC TyTn II + Vodafone = NO mesenger...

Lets hope they do something quickly

Posted by chrisimone on 08.01.08 - 23:35:30

the only way is to go away from vodafone

my friend there is nothing we can do ..
in the morning i had a conversation with voda customer suprort and told me it s not a problem of them ,, just voda block it

Posted by Daniel001 on 09.01.08 - 10:54:35

MDA Vario III (branded HTC TyTn II) + T-Mobile = NO Windows Live in the Netherlands


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