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BLUETOOTH: HP releases BT updates for iPAQ h2210, h5550 and h5450 on WM2003
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Monday, 10.11.03 - 15:38:21 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 13793x
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HP has just released several updates for their Pocket PCs with built-in Bluetooth. The first update is for th HP iPAQ h2210/2215 devices while the seond update is for the iPAQ h5450 running the Windows Mobile 2003 Sftware for Pocket PC. The third update which which was released previous to these targets the iPAQ h5550 and fixes several issues in the Bluetooth, WLAN, and Fingerprint Scanner Software.

Both files, for h2210/2215, and h5450, are 2.1MB downloads and do not require a hard reset when updating the iPAQs.

  • Fixes Bluetooth (BT) Manager lockup that occurred if the device was turned OFF while the status screen or Active Connections screen was open.
  • Fixes BT Manager lockup when trying to add or remove connections in the PAN Manager.
  • Fixes issue where BT would not start when the device was turned ON and attempted to connect to ActiveSync.
  • Fixes BT File Explorer lockup after access was denied from an FTP connection through Ericsson T610 phone.
  • Fixes system lockup when disconnecting a PAN connection via the incoming connection icon.
  • Fixes the issue where contacts lost the name fields when multiple duplicate contacts were received on a separate OPP connection.
  • Fixes the 'Yes to All' functionality in the overwrite screen that appears when receiving a contact from a remote device.
  • Updates Bluetooth Help files.

The iPAQ h5550 update on the other hand is an XIP update that updates the firmware for Bluetooth, WLAN, and Fingerprint Scanner permanently. Issues tackled by the update inlcude:

  • Fingerprint Software Version 3.7:
    • Fixes issue where it allowed to select alphanumeric characters using the softkey with the “simple 4 digit PIN” option for Password.
    • Fixes the 12 and 24 hours option where it could not be selected in the “Prompt if device unused for” field under Password.
  • Bluetooth Driver Version
    • Fixes a problem where system would hang when disconnecting a PAN connection via the Incoming Connection icon.
    • Fixes a problem where the device needed a Normal Reset after being turned off while transferring data via SPP, for example, while connected to a Bluetooth GPS device.
    • Fixes the proxy settings getting erased in the Bluetooth Settings.
    • Fixes a problem when using 'Dial via Bluetooth' which would not accept spaces in the phone number.
  • Fixes an issue where the iPAQ unit did not wake up to perform a scheduled iPAQ Backup.
  • Wireless LAN Driver Version
    • Improves Connectivity and Roaming ability for wireless LAN users.

Download the h5550 Frimware Update here. Download the h2210/2215 Bluetooth Update here. Download the h5450 update here.

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