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BLUETOOTH: P2P Chat with Bluetooth enabled iPAQs [UPDATE: 11.09.02]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 10.09.02 - 20:06:00 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 7905x
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If you join boring meetings pretty often too and want to chat with your colleagues during this meetings you should give pocketBlueChat a closer look:

pocketBlueChat is a PocketPC 2002 application allowing you to chat using Bluetooth.
Bluetooth allows communication about a distance of approximately 10 meter, so you can chat with anybody having a Bluetooth enabled handheld within this distance.
pocketBlueChat has been tested with Compaq iPaq 3870.

Unfortunately I have one 3870 only that I wasn't able to test it. If anyone of you have two - your feedback would be great!

UPDATE: Thanks for the screenshots above to Brian Greene. Please see also his comment below about how it worked for him!

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Brian Greene on 11.09.02 - 00:00:00

worked a treat - using one iPAQ 3870 with ROM 2.15 / Bluetooth 1.0.11 and another iPAQ 3870 with ROM 2.20 / Bluetooth 1.1

Screenshots here from the two iPAQs "mid" chat:

Copied the PocketBlueChat.exe application directly to both iPAQs (it's not an installer application - you just copy it to the iPAQ) and made sure Bluetooth Active on both iPAQs

On iPAQ1 tapped the PocketBlueChat.exe file and it launched. iPAQ2 Bluetooth Security launched requesting Authorization for a Serial Connection from iPAQ1. I taped Accept and the PocketBlueChat app appeared on iPAQ1.

On iPAQ2 tapped the PocketBlueChat.exe file and it launched. iPAQ1 Bluetooth Security launched requesting Authorization for a Serial Connection from iPAQ2. I tapped Accept on iPAQ1 and the PocketBlueChat app appeared on iPAQ2.

Alternatively you can use the Bluetooth Manager to Search, Save and then Serial Connect the iPAQs together.

You can use any of the input methods to chat, the screen shots show Transcriber on one iPAQ and the soft keyboard on the other.

The application colour codes the text: black for sent text, blue for received text.

Be sure to File | Exit when you are finished to close the Bluetooth connection(s).

HTH, Brian.

Posted by Arne Hess on 11.09.02 - 00:00:00

Thanks a lot Brian for your comment and support!
This gives everybody a better impression how it works! Looks cool! :-)

Posted by Helio Diamant on 12.09.02 - 00:00:00

I have also tested it using Socket cards, and although it is not stated in the site the BlueChat worked very well with it.

BTW - If someone is looking for something more sophisticated, there is Proximity Mail ( Meanwhile they support only the Socket card, but soon there will be support for Ipaq and Toshiba. The advantage is that they use every card in range to transmit the message to the other side, that can be hundreds of meters away.

Posted by Mauricio Freitas on 13.09.02 - 00:00:00

ProximityMail will be soon released to iPAQ as you said, and looks a very nice and promissing software.

It works with scatternets concept. Looks impressive.

a.k.a dr.emailposter on usenet...

Posted by ppcsurfr on 13.09.02 - 00:00:00

Looks like it doesn't work for all BT cards.


Posted by Fred Kasparek on 06.10.02 - 00:00:00

I have loaded the app successfuly and havemade it work but the serial connection keeps dropping out every 30 seconds.  What am I doing wrong? Any ideas?
Regards Fred K

Posted by attila on 01.11.02 - 00:00:00

Hi evryone
I would like to try it that great staf,
but i canot download it.
Looks like it username and pasword need for it.
Can anybody send me that apps for my email adr.

Posted by Arne Hess on 02.11.02 - 00:00:00

@Attila: Hm... Strange...?

Posted by Matty_smb on 06.04.05 - 17:57:12

Hey i got theis to use with an acer n30 and i was able to copy application to ppc but could not start it. It just brought up a error. Does anyone know how to fix this or does anyone know of any applications which allow you to chat to people around u like in an airport who have a mobile with bluetooth or something. I have looked for a good one but have not been successful. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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