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CASE: Piel Frama announced HTC Blue Angel leather case
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 06.09.04 - 18:46:29 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 8495x
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Wow, pretty amazing! The HTC Blue Angel (better known as Xda III or MDA III) isn't available yet, Spanish Piel Frama already announced the fitting leather case for it:

This leather case incorporates Piel Frama's new belt clip system (with or without belt clip and knob) and features:

  • Snap system closure
  • 2 credit cards slots
  • 1 money pocket

In addition to black and brown it's also available in red now.
The end user price is 60 Euro and as always it includes worldwide UPS shipping costs.

I've already ordered my Blue Angel case and it should arrive here within the next twenty days to be reviewed as soon as I received it (because I've already got a HTC Blue Angel ;-))

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by JERROLD SHARKEY on 06.09.04 - 20:30:24

When will you have a review of the HTC Blue Angel? The Piel Frama case with my XDA case and credit cards or SD cards in slots provided seemed to press on the screen. Is that your experience as well?


Posted by Arne Hess on 06.09.04 - 20:43:06

[1] I have to admit that I'm in a serious backlog with my hardware reviews because a couple of devices are waiting here to be reviewed. However, the Blue Angel review doesn't makes sense until I received a more stable ROM to be a minimum objective.

Regarding your question: I have SD cards (one SD memory card and the SanDisk Wi-Fi card) in my Himalaya (Xda II) case only plus a couple of business cards and never seen serious problems nor I have noticed scratches. Maybe if you remove the credit cards you have more space there? Since I've reviewed the Piel Frama case for the Xda II, I'm using this case on a daily base without problems.

The missing reviews to follow soon, promised! If my day would have 48 hours... :-(

Posted by HomeDad on 06.09.04 - 22:18:48

I too have the problem with screen scratches, but only with too many business cards, etc.. I have the PPC Techs screen protector to save the screen.  I also have 'The Pillow' on the speaker of my xda. It looks REALLY dorky but sure is more comfortable when on the phone.  I will be curious to hear how you like the comfort of the Blue Angel on your ear while on the phone Arne.

Posted by jayson on 07.09.04 - 10:46:13

Is it already confirmed that O2 will release the Blue Angel as the XDAIII?

How well will this case cope with the device's sliding screen?

Posted by Arne Hess on 07.09.04 - 11:18:19

[3] To be honest, I'm not using my Phone Edition devices for voice that much. It's mostly a data device for Internet access plus PIM and entertainment like video or audio but less for voice. Here I prefer "traditional" phone designs like the Microsoft Smartphone. But for the review I will give this feature a deeper view for sure.

[4] Good question. Haven't heard or seen any announcements so far. neutral I'm also waiting for a clarification here.

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