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CEBIT LIVE: Asus showed a new Pocket PC Phone Edition
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 19.03.04 - 09:38:32 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 6970x
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Yesterday on CeBIT I met a guy from Asus who was showing me their latest mobile device development, the Asus A8100 PDA Phone which is running on Windows Mobile.
It's expected to be launched in Asian markets summer this year first and is comparable, by size and design to the Sony Ericsson P800.

It's a tri-band GSM/GPRS phone with Bluetooth and a Megapixel camera for photo and video:

It's expected to be released later in non-Asian markets as well, however here I haven't received any details nor prices. But overall it looked pretty great and it seems to be a new trend to add a flip-keyboard to Phone Editions, like introduced by Sony Ericsson with the P800 and continued with the P900 and I really have to admit that this makes handling easier!

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Mauricio Freitas on 19.03.04 - 10:13:49

Hmmm. If this is comparable in size to the P800, then it's a great start! The software is definetelly better smile

Posted by Richard on 20.03.04 - 04:37:22

the Asus PDA Phone looks great , Asus is really known for innovation cant wait for the new phone to be released

Posted by Faraz Haider on 20.03.04 - 07:00:49

What is the price for this device

Posted by jayson on 22.03.04 - 02:24:55

Looks really nice, but I used the P800 before and I found the screen pretty small for a PDA.  Sure it's touch screen but it's difficult to tap the letters of the virtual keyboard, and writing has to be done on the whole screen as opposed to just writing at the bottom part.  I guess transcriber (which the SE P800 doesn't have) would be the best input method for this device.  With all those features, I figured this device would be quite expensive, I would be surprised if it would be prices significantly below the XDA2 / i-Mate.  It doesn't talk about SDIO support... just SD/MMC.

Posted by ramon on 24.03.04 - 02:44:28

"Hmmm. If this is comparable in size to the P800, then it's a great start! The software is definetelly better"


Posted by PROPortable on 06.04.04 - 08:37:26

If you're wondering,  We are trying our hardest to be able to bring the a8100 into the US this summer.  We've atleast lined up AT&T's service which we can offer bundled phone + plan deals, but for the most part I think this is going to be a device we'll sell with out service as most of our customers tend to already have plans and just seem to be waiting for the new a8100..... 

Justin O'Dea


Posted by turtle237 on 03.09.04 - 15:48:17

Does ANYONE know if the Asus A8100 has been released ANYWHERE in the world yet?? I am in love with this phone. Even if on sale in Asia, perhaps on-line one could buy it?? There have been so many cool phones talked about- Motorola MPX, Asus A8100, and a phone like the Anextek SP230- but it needs bluetooth and camera added... I am tired of waiting.!! My p900 is GREAT, but I need Microsoft!!

Posted by khan on 10.10.04 - 19:25:18

[7] i think asus a8100 was a prototype or something, i have tried alot contacting different places but i still have no idea why was that introdused if they r not gonna release it.

Posted by Justin O-Dea - PROPortable on 20.11.04 - 07:32:50

[7] We are currently arranging the import of the Asus p505.. This is the model the a8100 turned into over the last year of development.  It hasn't gone into production yet, but we are expecting it in about two and a half months... a little into Feb.  Contact me for more information.

Also, at the time being, we are arranging to be the only distributor for this phone outside of Europe and Asia..

Also... we don't have a price yet, but it should be similiar to the new hp ppc phone (which many people wish they didn't buy) and the a730 wifi..... about $600.... We don't think it would be higher than that, although there are two models supposedly being made.  One with a 324mhz cpu and 64mb of ram and one with a 524 and 128mb of ram...  I don't know what this is going to do to the price, but I think setting everyone up for a $700 price tag will be more then enough... It should fall between 6 and 7.

Finally... we've found a way to bring the cost down to those who chose you set up accounts with ATT/Cingular ..... We may be able to offer $100 rebates if you can sign up with a new account or extend you current one.


Posted by djcootodal on 03.05.05 - 07:56:25

it's a very interesting phone that should be 10X better then the p800.

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