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CEBIT LIVE: T-Mobile and Vodafone showing the HTC Universal
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 10.03.05 - 12:53:38 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 8190x
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The HTC Universal aka T-Mobile MDA IV and Vodafone VP IV caught a lot of interest during the past weeks since T-Mobile announced it first. It was publicly shown first time in Cannes at the 3GSM congress last month however it was behind glass and without much information. Now, at least T-Mobile, shows a "running" version (which is basically a Flash presentation only). However, they also present it open, closed, converted, etc. on their stand so it's worth to see anyway - even if you can not "play" with it. ;-)

Vodafone only presents it behind glass with a faked screenshot and without any detailed information:

In addition, Vodafone also previous their HTC Magician version (aka VPA compact) the first time publicly:

Also interesting is the fact that Vodafone is presenting the HTC Typhoon in the Qtek version:

Does it means Vodafone is entering the Windows Mobile market with the full range of available Windows Mobile devices - Pocket PC Phone Edition and Smartphone?

Find more photos here at my Photoblog, live from CeBIT 2005.

Cheers ~ Arne

More Information : [CeBIT 2005 Photoblog]


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Posted by Charles on 10.03.05 - 16:22:15

any updates on release dates?

Posted by Helio Diamant on 11.03.05 - 06:51:35


I need an explanation from you, someone who has probably seen the device already.

I seem to be seeing one small (but very important) Human Interface flaw in this device, and I hope I am wrong. From all the photos I have seen, and from all directions, I don't seem to see the "Send" and "End" buttons in any side of the upper part of the device (Pocket PC screen or back-cover).

The only "Send" and "End" buttons that I see are in the keyboard, and that will make it very difficult for users to operate the phone.

Can you enlighten a little this issue?

Posted by Bassey on 11.03.05 - 10:15:11

[2] I might be able to clear this one.  Reports I have read elsewhere say the "Send" and "End" buttons are on the hinge (on the side) so you can answerhangup without having to open up the whole device.

Posted by Arne Hess on 12.03.05 - 11:26:16

[4] Helio, sorry for being that late. Bassey is right. As you can see on this photo from the Vodafone VPA IV (, there are two buttons on the left side on the hinge. These two buttons are call start and end. So if you have it in your left hand, you can react on calls with your thumb.

Posted by Helio Diamant on 12.03.05 - 08:07:30

[3] This is good news. I was really concerned about this one, since usually HTC doesn't make this kind of basic mistakes.

Posted by jayson on 15.03.05 - 02:54:29

But it sure looks ugly in Tablet (PDA mode).  There's too much wasted (blank) spaces and I don't like the assymetric look.  It just doesn't look balanced.

Posted by Arne Hess on 15.03.05 - 20:29:11

[5] Helio, here we go with a macro shot! :-) Especially for you... ;-)
[6] I agree, as much as I like it as a kind of "supersub-Notebook", I don't like the PDA style. Also it reminds me more of an old H/PC then a P/PC and I believe most users will use it as a Notebook but not as a PDA but imagine you use it with the Think Outside Bluetooth mouse! :-)

Posted by steve on 16.03.05 - 12:00:35

the compact in the middle which i assume will become a sucessor to the imate pda2k looks very nice and for the first pic with some empty black space on the screen u can probably stretch the image.

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