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CLARIFICATION: T-Mobile clarifies Microsoft OS handset delay rumors
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 16.05.03 - 10:42:25 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 6566x
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T-Mobile has "confirmed" ;-) my thoughts from yesterday's news about "not to launch" a Windows Powered Smartphone. According to this article on RCR Wireless News, T-Mobile is still going to introduce a Microsoft Smartphone but delayed because some software glitches which needs to be fixed first:

T-Mobile International AG and Microsoft Corp. sought to clarify media reports concerning possible delays of the release of a T-Mobile phone using Microsoft software in Europe, but T-Mobile wouldn't give a specific release date.
However, T-Mobile's Schindera wouldn't say when the phone would be released, only that it would be released when all the software glitches are fixed. Schindera also said T-Mobile's partnership with Microsoft is still sound and the software problems are commonplace for high-end devices, such as those using Microsoft Smartphone software.

As I wrote yesterday: "However, this doesn't say that T-Mobile wont introduce a Microsoft Smartphone anyway, personally I believe T-Mobile wasn't satisfied with the hardware (HTC Tanager) or don't want to release a Smartphone 2002 anymore where Smartphone 2003 is on the horizon."

So I still see this option plus T-Mobile isn't even satisfied with its own work. T-Mobile planned, according to CeBIT demonstrations, to integrate t-zones (content) as well as GPS baes car navigation. This is "a little bit more" complex than just introducing a "out of the box" device and therefore it requires more work, testing and certifying.

But I'm happy to see that my assumptions seems to were correct, not like other sites which which blew out a swan song... ;-)

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Chris on 16.05.03 - 18:31:48

wow, that's defefinately better news than yesterday's!

Thanks for clarifying it up again and already yesterday I had a good feeling after I read your opinion. Your site is absolutely one I'm trusting in most and like you side: "unlike other sites simply cut and paste stuff" you're spicing and flavoring news and information with your thoughts and experience. No wonder if I read your CV.

Keep up the great work; PPCW.Net rulez! :-)

Now I only hope to see it in Austria as well! Any news regarding where the Smartphone will be introducd?


Posted by louie on 17.05.03 - 14:32:00

so the question is do i stay with tmobile or go to orange and get an spv smartphone ?

or any of the other smartphones on the market.

problem is i am a die hard nokia/tmobile fan

Posted by Arne Hess on 17.05.03 - 16:10:56

@louie: Well, don't know how to answer here. On one hand you think about going to Orange but you like/prefer T-Mobile/one2one.

On the other hand you think about buying an SPV but you are a die hard Nokia fan... So honestly I don't have an answer here for you.

I only can say that the SPV is worth enough to give it s shot. I had Nokias, Ericssons, Sony Ericssons, Sonys, Motorolas and Siemens in the past but actually the SPV gives me most of what I'm looking for.

Posted by mr on 18.05.03 - 15:32:33


allthough i am not working with t-mobile but a competitor I would suggest not to make any purchase decision based on the Tanager device.

personally I recommend to keep your money for some month a wait for xmas sales. you will see device which are not yet announced. smartphones, s60 and uiq's. even not at cebit.

for a short term decision siemens sx1 (former k1) or nokia 6800 (potentially delayed) are worth picking, allthough not ms devices.


Posted by Arne Hess on 18.05.03 - 21:22:23

@mr: Thanks for your feedback, appreciated! But why not the Tanager? Not I want to ask you if you are working for "Orange", Red", "Magenta" or "Blue" but all the phones you recommend are running Symbian/S60 OS instead of "Windows for Mobiles". So is this your personal preference or where do you see a reason why for Symbian?

If I compare the available software for Symbian devices with the available (and based on Pocket PCs possible) software for Microsoft Smartphone, Symbian devices are a kind of boring. Games and nothing more...

I think Mitac and Asus Smartphones will close the design and feature gap between Symbian/S60 devices and Microsoft Smartphone terminals.

And wait a minute, the SX1 is ugly... ;-)

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