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COMMUNICATION: Mobem released mPhone 2.1 - now including Ericsson and Bluetooth support
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 30.04.02 - 09:55:00 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 6482x
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Also Mobem released a new version of its popular mPhone 2.x. mPhone not only supports western characters but Chinese characters also:

Thanks to mPhone, you can now operate your PDA and mobile phone together "seamlessly", and make your mobile life Easy, Productive, Effective and Fun. It has five modules: Phonebook, SMS, Dialer, Logo and Ringtone, described below

Backup your phonebooks saving your precious time and hassle of reentering names in the event that you lose your mobile phone or buy a new mobile phone.

Save multiple phone books to your mobile device, enabling to switch and choose which phonebook to use depending on the occasion. Fast input messages in PDA and send via SMS with mobile phone.

Supports multiple language encodings correctly European, Asian and Unicode encodings.

High compatibility and reliability with the most common phones on the market.

Supports a number of connections to your mobile device for added flexibility, including Infrared, serial cable, Bluetooth, PCMCIA Card Phone and CF Card Phone.

Advanced functions, for power users

Harness the multimedia capabilities of your mobile phone with the help of mPhone. This original piece of software allows you to manage and send your mobile phone's phonebooks, SMS, pictures and ring tones.
Supports extensive management of SMS messages, including editing on your PDA. Store and manage your SMS messages on your PDA in multiple folders, just like you would SMS messages. You may even broadcast your SMS messages to multiple recipients.

  • Make your SMS messages stand out with flashing text.
  • Create & Edit logos and ringbones on your PDA and upload it to your phone or send them over the air via SMS to others ( Pro version only).
  • Extensive synchronization options with both your mobile phone and your Outlook database.
  • Very fast intelligent phonebook/SMS transfer.

What's new in 2.1

The latest mPhone 2.1 has many new powerful and cool features, much improved from version 2.0


  • Multiple numbers may be stored under one name, providing full support for T39/T68/6210/7110 phonebooks
  • New search mode, allows you to lookup contacts faster and easier
  • Customized group management


  • Long SMS support
  • Make selected portions of your text stand out with the Blinking SMS editing tool
  • Automatically download any incoming SMS messages with your Bluetooth or Serial connection
  • Import and Export your SMS messages to CSV files, allowing you to backup and restore your message base
  • An enhanced SMS recipients selection dialog box makes group sending easier!


  • Newly-added dialer module called mPhone Dialer allows you to dial with a dialing pad.
  • Bluetooth devices are fully-supported.


  • New logo formats supported, such as the 6210/7110 startup logos, S25/35/45 logos and T39/T68 logos
  • Now able not only to send logos, but directly upload logos to your own mobile phone (for the Nokia 6110, 6210, 7110, 8210, 8250, 8810, 8850, Siemens S25, S35, S45 , Ericsson T39 and T68 etc.)
  • New Cut/Copy/Paste operations in the logo editor
  • New Zoom In/Out Pan operations in the logo editor


  • Better Midi file support, now able to save to Midi files
  • Upload Midi files to Siemens phones, and upload melodies to Ericsson phones

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