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COMPATIBILITY: The Eleksen Soft Keyboard finally works with the Smartphone2
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 04.07.04 - 19:16:47 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 8196x
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To be honest, I gave up - already but it's good to have our PPCW.Net Forum where you guys continusly try the impossible! :-)
This time it was RSargeant who posted the following lines:

I had previously bought an Elekson Flex keyboard for my wife's i-mate Smartphone2, only to find that the driver was not suitable and it would not work. Somehow I never got around to taking it back!

After carefully following the instructions elsewhere in this site to update the ROM from to the latest (07/2004) version, I am delighted to be able to report that the Elekson Flex driver available in the download section on this forum installed and works flawlessly!

So I took my i-Mate Smartphone out of my pocket as well and installed the driver you can get from the PPCW.Net Download section and yes, it's true - it works on my phone as well! :-)

For me, the soft keyboard was one of the coolest accessories for my i-Mate Smartphone and I was pretty "shocked" when I found out that it wasn't working anymore with the final ROM of the Smartphone2 (but with the never released Beta ROM only). Therefore I wasn't able to use it for more than half a year and I wrote E-Mails to get support for it but without success. Now - where it is back it makes my Smartphone2 even more valuable and I want to thank RSargeant for not giving up the testing! Well done!

On a side note I have to admit that it is still not working 100 % correct, for instance the number keys have to be pressed several times to get the wanted number (it behaves like the number key on your phone) and also the short-cut keys to launch PIE, Inbox, etc aren't working correct. However, that's something I can live with! :-)

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by RSargeant on 05.07.04 - 17:13:06

For those who don't know what we are talking about, the Elekson Flex keyboard is a neat flexible keyboard that rolls up into a package about the size of a small ladies purse, secured with a neat elastic loop that keeps it rolled when not in use. The back of the keyboard is leather, the working side has cloth-covered touch sensitive "keytops" that provide a full QWERTY keyboard, cursor/home keys and other special keys that allow you to operate the Smatphone2 entirely using the keyboard. At the back is a folding plastic stand that accepts the Smartphone with a connector at the bottom that plugs into the Smartphone. The stand sets the phone at a good angle for visibility whilst typing. Lastly, there's a DC socket that accepts the standard plug from the Smartphone charger, so the phone is charged whilst on the stand.

I bought mine from an Orange shop, who sell it as an accessory for the Orange SPV 200, which is Orange's version of the Smartphone2. It cost me about €60.

You won't touch-type a novel on this keyboard, but it is more than adequate for SMS, bulk updates to your address book and surfing. And the "Desk Stand" facility is nice. I recommend it.


Posted by FireJuggler on 18.11.05 - 16:56:15

Just got a SPVE100 from a friend of mine and the keyboard.
But now i'm looking for the drivers.
Every link on the internet points towards this site, but the download link is broken sad
anyone got the driver and is willing to share it?

Thanks in advantage

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