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COMPETITION: Multiple media go mobile with the Nokia 7700
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 29.10.03 - 11:43:34 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 7092x
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While Microsoft is entering the cellphone market with its Windows Mobile Smartphone series, Nokia seems to enter the wireless PDA market now as well with something different then the previous known Communicator series:

At the annual Nokia Mobile Internet Conference in Nice, France and the "Destination Nokia 100% Pure Mobility" event held in Brisbane, Australia, Nokia yesterday announced its first media category device, the Nokia 7700, which provides users with a mobile Internet and personal media experience. The Nokia 7700 media device enables users to view web pages with a full Internet browser over high-speed mobile networks on a 65,000 color touch screen optimized for viewing Internet content. Additional features include music and video playback and streaming, an integrated VGA camera, FM radio, multimedia messaging support, as well as a full complement of personal information management features. The Nokia 7700 media device works on GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800/1900 networks, with shipments in Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific expected to begin in the second quarter, 2004.

"With the Nokia 7700, we are providing an exciting mobile media experience for people who want to stay up-to-date and be entertained," said Ilkka Raiskinen, Senior Vice President, Entertainment and Media, Nokia Mobile Phones. "The impressive color touch screen and the wide selection of mobile connectivity options ensure that consumers have instant access to media channels while on the move. People can also create their own rich multimedia content to share with others."

The Nokia 7700 media device combines the ability to consume and create various media with the latest mobile technologies. The high-quality color touch screen (640 x 320 pixels) means that users have a rich Internet experience available at their fingertips, as well as a fantastic display for watching streaming video or viewing images taken with the integrated VGA camera. Using the included stylus and the on-screen keyboard or handwriting recognition, users can easily add entries to their phonebook or calendar, write email messages or create a document. Users can personalize their Nokia 7700 with a variety of wallpaper and ring tones.

With 64 MB of internal memory and an expansion slot for additional memory, users of the Nokia 7700 device can store a wide range of content from a variety of sources, ranging from music and video files to back-up data. They can also synchronize the Nokia 7700 with their personal computer using the Nokia PC Suite software. Support for the Bluetooth audio profile allows consumers to connect a compatible wireless headset for hands-free use.

Utilizing the Nokia Series 90 User Interface on the Symbian OS (Operating System), the Nokia 7700 provides a powerful and easy-to-use device for mobile media consumption. The Developer Platform for Series 90 enables developers to create applications for a global audience.

The Nokia 7700 also provides a unique platform to showcase the latest in mobile media applications. Visual Radio combines listening to FM radio with visually appealing services delivered through the mobile network, including images, text and interactive elements on the screen of the mobile handset. Movie Channel provides consumers with the possibility to view streamed movie trailers from several major studios, updated on a weekly basis.

The Nokia 7700 will also support the Nokia Streamer SU-6 accessory, the first mobile IP Datacast receiver designed to demonstrate the mobile phone television experience using the DVB-H network. The Nokia Streamer can be attached to the Nokia 7700 like a battery pack, and will be used in pilot projects to showcase the future of digital broadcasting on mobile devices.

Well, as much I was a fan of Nokia (some longer time ago) either I get old now or Nokia turns into a weird direction. As great the features of the Nokia 7700 looks, the design of Nokia devices becomes more and more a toy look. The item above looks like my Xbox game pad with a screen in the middle. :?
But what I really appreciate is how and where Nokia positioned their devices: in the consumer market and not in the business market only like Pocket PCs was positioned in the beginning and Smartphones are today. I think the world has changed and as much PCs was a business tool in the beginning today it's common for every household. Same with cellphones. It was a business tool in the mid 90s but since that the market has changed and it's a consumer market today.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Ronnie Ho on 29.10.03 - 12:31:40

I was about to move away from my years of communicator to O2XDAII, and has waited anxiously on O2 launch, but now that 7700 comes along, it makes me wonder again. But when I think of sync word/excel/PPT with my smartphone, I better try WinCe.Net 4.2 instead of staying with the rather unstable symbian. Any idea how big is the screen size in 7700? O2XDAII has about 3.5", I think.

(btw 7700 res is much higher than O2XDAII)

Posted by Arne Hess on 29.10.03 - 12:40:09

Well, you are right - might be a good device but I don't like the overall device design nor the Series 90 platform and I'm not sure how professional it can be used if I read about features like Radio, etc...

A real advantage is the resolution with 640, no discussion and this is something Microsoft has realized far to late that the PPC platform becomes outdated with its 320 x 240! :-(

Regarding your screen size, I have no idea but I don't expect much more then xda's 3.5 or iPaq's 3.8.

Posted by Philip Grigson on 30.10.03 - 00:20:10

XDA II screen is 3.5", exactly the same size as the original XDA.

Posted by Arne Hess on 30.10.03 - 10:25:45

@Philip Grigson: As I said in my comment above... ;-)

Posted by Salah Aljuma on 23.12.03 - 18:58:12

The 7700 looks perfect except for one important issue, I have not read anything around it that says it support fax. the old communicator is not even near coparison but it did get all my faxes. so how about this now. any one have any idea if the 7700 supports faxes. if it does, is it automatic or do i have to put it on fax mode every time i am waiting for a fax like in the silly OII xda.

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