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CONFIRMED: Microsoft to release OneNote for Windows Mobile Smartphones
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 24.11.05 - 14:10:15 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 15345x
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What was just a rumor earlier this month got an official confirmation from (a) Microsoft (employee, namely Chris_Pratley, in his blog).
While OneNote is part of the Microsoft Office system, it's also available as stand-alone product. On PCs, OneNote is an application for better note taking and research gathering. From meeting notes to Web content, sound bites to action points, simply collate all the information you need in one place for easy access and is way richer that Outlook's Note application.

The idea of OneNote for Windows Mobile is to port this experience on Smartphones (and Smartphones only today):

OneNote Mobile is your portable extension to OneNote that you get when you purchase OneNote. You install it on your Windows Mobile SmartPhone (this is semi-automatic so it is low hassle) and you’re good to go. A few weeks ago, David Siedzik, the program manager for OneNote Mobile showed it to the mobile devices MVPs who were on campus and actually got a standing ovation (which is actually true, I was one of them and really amazed too)!


It is a real note taking app for your mobile device. You can take text notes, voice record, or snap them with a camera. It has a cool picture viewer for navigating the image in detail.

When you first use OneNote Mobile, a special notebook (called "OneNote Mobile") is created in your PC version of OneNote. One section is created in that notebook and specified to sync with OneNote Mobile. Anything you put in that section makes its way onto your SmartPhone, and likewise anything you put on the phone goes up to the PC. Whenever you sync, only new items are transferred. Basically this section is a view onto your OneNote Mobile notes.


OneNote Mobile also supports note flags, so you can flag items you capture on the phone with the flags you use on your PC. This is great if you are a user of note flags, as any OneNote user should be.

OneNote Mobile also has some helpful editing and formatting features such a bullets and numbered lists. Also, bold, italic, underline, strikethrough. One thing that is neat about OneNote Mobile is that since it can sync notes from OneNote onto the device, it can show much of the formatting of OneNote even though it can’t create that. If you edit the notes from OneNote, the formatting is retained. For example, you can view tables even though OneNote Mobile doesn’t let you create tables. You can also add items to a list numbered with e.g. Roman numerals and the numbering works, even though you can't assign roman numerals in OneNote Mobile.

One of the cooler features is the ability to pan and zoom on pictures and photos. You use the keypad to move around the image and then zoom in on any part of it. For example, pressing 9 progressively will zoom in on the lower right corner of an image. Pretty slick.

OneNote Mobile can be expected to be officially released with Office 12. A public Beta isn't available today.

Cheers ~ Arne

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