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CONFIRMED: T-Mobile Germany confirms that the Nokia Lumia 900 won't receive Windows Phone 8 [UPDATE 2]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 20.06.12 - 10:40:35 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 12779x
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Okay, this Deutsche Telekom statement is already 12 days old but nevertheless, it's really important and confirms what I have posted before. The Nokia Lumia 900, which was launched with Windows Phone 7.5, won't receive the Windows Phone 8 aka Apollo upgrade. Furthermore, the support agent confirmed on T-Mobile's very own support forum, that Windows Phone 8 will come in Q4-2012. For the background: Many T-Mobile customers asked in the forum when T-Mobile plans to launch the Lumia 900, which was only released in Germany last week and the T-Mobile employee confirmed later, that T-Mobile has no plans to launch the Lumia 900 because it's not upgradeable to Apollo.

Therefore, T-Mobile decided to not launch the 900 because it feels that the frustration is even bigger if customers find out later this year that their brand new and expensive device isn't on the list for upgrades. On the bright side, not a single first generation Windows Phone will receive Windows Phone 8 but Apollo is made for the second generation of Windows Phones only, with enhanced specs and feature-sets.

Some can argue now how valid such a posting of a support agent is but as far as I know the German Telekom (and I know it well), I can tell you that such an info only make it to the public if it was triple-confirmed and authorized! Therefore we can say that this info is 99.5 % valid.

So far, neither Microsoft nor its OEMs made any public statements about the upgradeability of today's Windows  Phones with the note that Windows Phone 8 is not yet officially announced. At least T-Mobile plays with an open deck, if only on its support forum, but this is really appreciated.

UPDATE 1 - 20.06.2012: A T-Mobile spokesperson just contacted me and said, that "this isn't an official statement from Deutsche Telekom" and that she has "no information where the statement above came from". As a matter of fact, I was told that "there are many reasons why a device is ranged or not", without going into details.
While I appreciate Deutsche Telekom's feedback, I still believe my other sources which told me that no Windows Phone will receive an upgrade to Windows Phone 8. Nevertheless, I wanted to share Deutsche Telekom's official feedback with you.

UPDATE 2 - 20.06.2012: During its Windows Phone Developer Summit, Microsoft today confirmed that non of today's Windows Phones will receive an upgrade to Windows Phone 8 but Microsoft will offer a Windows Phone 7.8 feature pack update instead only.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by 900User on 20.06.12 - 11:23:33

DAMN YOU MICROSOFT!!! Only purchased it 4 days ago in the UK! .mad Do you think there will be an update in the UK? hmm
If NOT I will RETURN IT TODAY and take a Galaxy S3!

Posted by Arne Hess on 20.06.12 - 12:04:13

It's not a question of UK or Germany or Germany and the U.S., it's a question if Microsoft will supports it and as far as I heard, Microsoft isn't supporting upgrades.

Posted by Tobi on 20.06.12 - 15:44:49

If really true, Lumia 800 was my last Nokia AND Windows Phone! We'll see tonight! Will you be there?

Posted by 900User on 21.06.12 - 10:07:03

After I followed the news yesterday, thanks a lot for the live-stream theunwired, I decided this morning to return the Lumia 900!
I don't see a future for a device running WP7x only. I sure, developers will soon develop for the new W8 core only which means WP7 support will soon fade-out like the support for WP6. Don't need a brick in a pocket! For now, I will switch back to Android but will have an eye of WP8.

Posted by Heinz Burkart on 22.06.12 - 14:29:45

Very good hardware, strange OS. I like my Lumia 800 very much because it is a beautiful device. But in a few month just another brick in my rack (does Microsoft rack us?  big_smile).

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