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CONFIRMED: T-Mobile is releasing the MDA 3 this year
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 18.06.04 - 13:11:10 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 9212x
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The MDA 2 hasn't celebrated its first birthday, T-Mobile confirmed yesterday it will launch the MDA 3 later this summer.
The MDA 3 is the GSM/GPRS version of the CU928 CDMA version, PPCW.Net recently reported about.
Like the Chinese CDMA version, the MDA 3 is expected to include Wi-Fi by default as well as Pocket PC Phone Edition Second Edition. Like before it will support GSM, GPRS, IrDA and BLuetooth communication and is expected to include a VGA camera as well. Also new for this version of the MDA is the sliding keyboard:

According to German fan site some other technical highlights are:

  • W-LAN (802.11b only)
  • Sliding keyboard
  • 25% more battery power
  • Additional hardware buttons
  • Voice dialing functionality
  • Preinstalled Fax software

While the MDA 3 is expected to become a little bit smaller, it will become a little bit heavier on the other hand. According to, the non subsidized price should be something around 699 €.

o2 haven't confirmed if it will also launch the device as Xda III or not. According to, the press department responded that o2 is currently evaluating a possible launch.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Thomas on 18.06.04 - 14:31:42

i don't case if o2 is releasing it or not. i'm happy with my xda 2 and don't need a keyboard. build-in wi-fi would be nice but for the keyboard i'm still waiting for the bluetooth keyboard here. makes more sense for my usage profile.

Posted by cheekymonkey on 18.06.04 - 16:34:17

I have to agree with the previous poster: the m/xda III is just not an upgrade that I'm gonna rush for. Maybe the months spent trying to hack / tweak my xdaII into a useable state is influencing y decision? Right now it just everything that I want, though I do wish it had 2003 SE.

Far more compelling for me is the MPX... truly a groundbreaking device worth waiting for.

Posted by Tekguru on 18.06.04 - 17:55:20

Arne, will you be stocking these at all in case O2 do not take them on board?

Posted by farnold on 19.06.04 - 01:46:03

Hm, if O2 goes this path I think they go in the wrong direction... interesting is what this devices does NOT have:
- camera on the front so it can be used for video conferencing :-(
- VGA screen :roll:
- 64MB less memory  8O 8O 8O
- a faster processor

Carlo wrote in another topic here:

CU928 is powered by two chips, an Intel PAX265 400MHz CPU for the PDA part and Qualcomm MM5500 for the telecom part. It comes with 64MB RAM and 64MB ROM and has a 3.5 in. 240x320 pixel TFT-LCD display capable of displaying 64K colors.

So this device will definitely not target current XDA II customers but try to build a position for new PocketPC customers.

OK, I'd rather wait for the XDA IV then  8) - any idea when that's gonna be available  big_smile

Posted by mckytm on 20.06.04 - 09:17:47

will this still allow stylus input? i'm not really a big fan of thumb keyboards (used a Treo 270 before)... tongue thanks

Posted by SonicHed on 20.06.04 - 12:35:55

It looks like the spects of this new device are less attractive then my XDA2, 64mb RAM??? i was hoping for at least 128, or even 256!!! the CPU is the same and there is no word for the ATI chip (which is a very important component) i hope the qualcomm radio chip will preform better than the HTC chip coz its really amature. Wi-Fi!!! finally!! i will be able to watch my movies directly from the net. Thanks

Posted by Arne Hess on 20.06.04 - 14:02:10

[5] Yes, sure - all Pocket PCs includes stylus input anyway, doesn't matter if it has a keyboard or not. Stylus input is part of the Pocket PC concept. Only Smartphones doesn't have stylus but keyboard only input.

[6] Why/for what do you need/want the ATI chip? Please note that the Qualcomm radio is for the CDMA version only. The GSM/GPRS version won't have the Qualcomm chip-set.

Posted by QueRiquita on 21.06.04 - 18:02:57

I want it.  I have the MDA II, but now I want this one.  I just broke my screen and they're telling me that it's going to cost just under $400 for me to repair it because I live in the US.  What a bunch of hogwash.  Now I'm trying to decide between buying this one or repairing my MDA II.  Anyone know how much this one will be, how soon it will come to the US, will it even be offered in the US???  I'm excited about it.  Thanks for letting me know of its existence.

Posted by LH on 22.06.04 - 21:01:37

Do you have any idea when this will be available in the US?  I was just about to buy an XDA II when I saw this.  This will be the greatest device ever!  Please let me know when you can deliver one in the US.  Thanks!

Posted by emmet on 06.07.04 - 14:14:48

[8] How did you get the MDA II in the US???  I have been waiting since last fall for it....

Posted by Arne Hess on 06.07.04 - 14:22:14

[10] Oh come on... 8O One option to get it - since last year - is PPCW.Net... ;-)
Here it is called PPCW.Net i-Mate Phone Edition but it is exactly the same device and even better...  8)

You should check it out...

Posted by Steve Klein on 07.07.04 - 05:33:48

The xdaii is phenomenal.  Adding a Keyboard is BS.  the pleasure of using the unit is the Stylus & transcrber.

Posted by Damon on 08.07.04 - 21:33:11

I'm still on the original XDA - looking forward to the XDA III - I personally want the keyboard.  I can live without Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - they could make a version without those at a reduced price - hint hint.

Posted by Lazze on 15.07.04 - 11:47:47

Replace the keyboard slide with more memory and a second camera...

Posted by Chol on 20.07.04 - 00:26:24

I love the design of the XDA III.  The backlit keyboard is a great feature.  Built in WiFi, BT, and GSM/GPRS is fantastic.  A built in camera is fantastic, too.  But VGA?  Big mistake.  At this point, no manfucturer should even think about putting in anything but MP cameras at this point.  We're past VGA.  VGA is tired and old.  The only thing that should be VGA on this thing is the screen!

I think whatever they're trying to make the XDA IV into, they should put out as the XDA III.  Give the III a faster 624MHz processor, give it 64MB ROM (for program and file storage), 64MB RAM (for operation), and another 32MB just for the OS.  Then add in a MP camera.  And finally add in a VGA screen.  THEN they would really have something!
Desired specs:

624MHz proc
64MB ROM for storage; 64MB RAM for operation; 32MB for OS
VGA screen
MP camera
Integrated backlit keyboard

The XDA will have competition from Motorola's MPx.  The MPx will have all of the things listed above except for a VGA screen (but a very nice screen, mind you).  The exact processor speed on the MPx has yet to be known (no one knows for sure yet, even if they claim they do) so how it will compare with an XScale @ 624 remains to be seen.  So the designers/makers of the XDA better make it right - they'll be vying for market share with Motorola.  Both will have the hottest devices on the market.

Personally, I'll be going with an MPx.  But the XDA is getting better and better.

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