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CONFUSION: What happened to some European SGH-i600 Windows Mobile 6 Upgrades?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 31.08.07 - 14:33:11 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 13091x
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Late last month I wrote about the first availability of the long awaited and expected Windows Mobile 6 upgrades for the Samsung SGH-i600 and while initially a Russian and Dutch upgrade was available only, later on Samsung also released the Scandinavian ROM upgrades as well as added some more countries. So far so good, even if the (for me important) German und UK upgrades weren't available so far, at least they was announced (as a greyed-out flag with the notice that the country prepares for the upgrade).

Now it changed, but not to the good one but to the bad one. Instead of activating the download for the UK and Germany, Samsung removed the country flags (plus some further countries like Greece and Czech). On the left the updated country list from August 1st, on the right the country list from today (click to enlarge):

Not sure what went wrong here and I hope it's a mistake by the webmaster only. I don't see a single reason to remove the upgrade for certain countries, especially after I've heard that further upgrades are planned to be rolled out in other parts of the world as well.
Haven't heard anything from Samsung yet but I will keep you updated as soon as I received more information.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Iván Rodríguez on 31.08.07 - 15:39:14

And the most strange thing is that they don't offer the upgrade when we all know that is the same download file for all of the countries. The ROM contains all of the languages.
I already have it installed in my i600v

I am afraid the pressure from the mobile operators is preventing these upgrades to be released.
Vodafone will soon offer Samsung i620 with Windows Mobile 6 and it seems without wifi..
So I am sure they are pressing Samsung not to release the rom upgrades, not even for the vanilla versions.
That way, people will prefer to buy the i620 to have wm6 and vodafone will assure for itself a lot of income from the HSDPA usage because i620 doesn't have wifi.

It's sad, but I think that is the true.

Posted by JohnRipper on 31.08.07 - 22:30:32

Anwser from Samsung support from 08/31/07 approx. 10.30pm MEZ
Guten Tag, xxxx

vielen Dank fuer Ihre Anfrage.

Wir koennen Ihnen leider noch nicht mitteilen, wann das Windows Mobile 6.0 Upgrade in deutsch erhaeltlich ist.

Posted by RainerZufall on 04.09.07 - 20:49:59

Cant you jst use the swiss upgrade..or the dutch?

Posted by Arne Hess on 04.09.07 - 21:29:12

Yes, with a "small" workaround you can.

Posted by Kitno on 12.09.07 - 10:18:47

So apparently no updates for UK versions.

Can anybody point me to the "small workarounds" to use the English version in the published ROM's?


Posted by Rob de Jonge on 14.09.07 - 20:41:59

What "workaround" were you referring to?

I have a Thailand I600 and am downloading the i600UXXupdater.exe file at this very moment.

Posted by Arne Hess on 17.09.07 - 11:11:04

Select the Danish ROM ( … /sub01.jsp).
Enter "i600XXGD1" as "Your i600 version number".
Follow the instructions and download all files.

Before you can flash your i600 now, you have to prepare it:

* Enter *#1546792*# top open the hidden admin menu
* Change the country ID under "Preconfiguration" to "Danish" (Preconfiguration Password is "*#81230*#")
* The i600 might boot several times and speaks Danish now

* Run the downloaded i600UXXupdater.exe and exactly follow the instructions as provided by Samsung!

* After the device was flashed, go back to the hidden admin menu as described above and change the country ID of your i600 back to the country you live in.

That's it; your i600 was upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.

Please note - the workaround above is for experienced users only! I take no warranty if your device is damaged! You do the upgrade on your own risk and neither the::unwired nor me are responsible for any damages!

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