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CONGRATS: o2 successfully launched 3G/UMTS in Germany yesterday
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 02.07.04 - 21:41:52 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 6684x
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While the community is talking - for which reason ever - about Orange UK's expected UMTS launch only, another carrier already launched UMTS for consumers - yesterday: o2 Germany! Why this is so important? Well simply because o2 (Germany) was the first carrier who introduced a Pocket PC Phone Edition in spring 2002 and therefore o2 was as important for the Pocket PC Phone Edition development as important Orange was for the Smartphone development.

I was happy enough to test their UMTS offer during the past weeks and months and I'm completely amazed what UMTS is able to deliver today - even in phase 1 of it's evolution. 384 Kbit/s is the wireless reality now and thanks to its national roaming agreement with T-Mobile (which they have in place in Germany since they was a GSM carrier called VIAG Interkom) they might provide the best available coverage today. What I miss now is a UMTS Pocket PC Phone Edition but this is something I don't expect before CeBIT next year - not because o2 who might be interesting in as well (I don't know) but because of Microsoft's announcement a couple of months ago that we don't have to expect it before Spring next year... :cry:
Therefore I'm still forced to use my current Pocket PC Phone Edition to connect via Bluetooth with UMTS... Well, this workaround works not that bad because I don't have to take the Nokia 7600 (which is o2 Germany's first Bluetooth phone) out of my pocket but hell - it's just a workaround only...

BTW: While UMTS was "born" yesterday, another o2 product celebrated its birthday yesterday: Genion. If you don't know what Genion is (and I'm sure you don't know if you are not in Germany) have a look here for a brief introduction. So happy birthday dear Genion! You was the reason why I moved to Munich to work for VIAG Interkom (before it became o2) and for sure you wasn't the reason to leave o2 later. While I left o2, I will never leave Genion because this concept is simply perfect! :-)

Cheers ~ Arne

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