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CONNECTIVITY: GPRS Traffic Counter from All-locations
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 22.04.02 - 14:16:00 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 6826x
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With the newest PDAs, it’s possible to be connected to the Internet continuously, wherever you are and whenever you want. To be connected to the Internet, these new PDAs use GPRS connections. But, contrary to a normal modem connection, which is billed for the time being on-line, a GPRS connection is billed for the amount of data traffic you generate.

Until now it was very difficult to measure the amount of traffic used by you on your PDA. For this reason ALL-locations developed the GPRS Traffic Counter.

The GPRS Traffic Counter is a tool that measures your GPRS Traffic in a very effective and very accurate way. Using a sophisticated way to measure your traffic, you will never miss a byte. The GPRS Traffic counter will save your traffic statistics so you can monitor your Internet usage during a longer period. To save this traffic, ALL-locations has developed its own database management layer around the standard systems of Windows CE.

Viewing your traffic statistics can be done in a graphical and a textual way. You can view data over different pre-defined periods (like day, month or year) or you can view traffic data over a self-defined period.

Using the information about your traffic, the GPRS Traffic Counter will also calculate an estimate of the costs of your GPRS connection. The GPRS Traffic Counter will even measure the efficiency of your GPRS connection, for example the average connection speed.

To make sure you don’t lose your traffic statistics, the GPRS Traffic Counter also has a backup mechanism that saves a copy of your traffic history on your PC. By using Microsoft ActiveSync technology your traffic statistics will always be safe.

Some features of the GPRS Traffic Counter

  • Monitoring your GPRS Traffic
  • Warning when you reach a self-defined amount of traffic
  • See if you currently have a connection
  • User interface in multiple languages
  • Graphical and textual overview of your traffic statistics
  • Backup mechanism

I got a reviewers copy of GPRS Traffic Counter from All-locations and will give you a closer look within the next few days. Please note, that the GPRS Traffic Counter isn't available for purchase today as ALL-locations works with the OEMs and Network Operators only. But anyway, perhaps we will see it also at or Handango anytime. The good news is, that this counter will be included into a Pocket PC Phone Edition which will be released this summer (I'm not sure, if I'm allowed to announce the model now; I have to verify it).

Cheers ~ Arne

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