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CURIOSITY: miniSD cards for US$ 999.00 "only"?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 20.05.05 - 19:26:50 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 11095x
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Okay, miniSD cards are still pretty new and the miniaturization costs its price; also more and more users are in need for miniSD cards since new Windows Mobile devices like the Motorola MPx220, the i-mate SP3 and SP3i as well as many regular mobile phones need miniSD instead of regular SD cards (not to talk about microSD) but US$ 999 for a singe 1GB card?

I've just surfed through the web because I need two more miniSD cards and came across who seems to be a good memory card online shop but what's that:

They must be kidding, they ran out of stock or they haven't received them now. ;-) Anyone out there wants to place an order and let me know if the cards are in stock?

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by micaels on 20.05.05 - 21:05:23

If you come up with the money I will buy them, and tell me your experience:D

Posted by smeg6 on 20.05.05 - 21:12:35

I'm betting there is a . missing there somewhere.  Even at $99.99, they woild still be kind of high (depending on the brand).  With the Sandisk 1GB mini-SD cards recently released, prices should go way down.  I have seen the Sandisk 1GB for $75-$80.

Posted by JickBahTech on 20.05.05 - 21:16:05

But doesnt it feel like we're re-inventing the wheel here?
I'm getting tired of having to buy the same amount of storage over and over again.

Posted by jomni on 23.05.05 - 02:27:32

I hate it when they keep changing formats.  Why can't we all stick to just one standard?

Posted by smeg6 on 23.05.05 - 04:53:41

It is evolution.  If we stuck to the same format, there wouldn't even be SD or CF.  We would all be using PCMCIA for all mobile storage.  Using mini-SD means the phone can be drastically smaller and sleeker.  I don't mind dropping a little money for improved technology.

Posted by Zino on 24.05.05 - 09:54:17

Well either they want to be rich in a very short time or they f...d up their database. Even the regular SD cards are extremely overpriced compared to the local price in The Netherlands.

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