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CURIOSITY: Scrolling LED Belt Buckle
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 15.05.05 - 15:12:24 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 26238x
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Make yourself an uber-geek with the scrolling LED belt buckle. If you feel you become common because everybody around you is wearing a mobile phone, a PDA, a MP3 player and a Bluetooth headset, this might be the right toy to make you feel better. ;-)
Introducing the most technologically advanced piece of clothing since the hypercolor T-Shirt - the LED scrolling belt buckle.


  • Is this for real?
    Yes. In fact, here’s a video to prove so.
  • How much is it?
    The buckles are $29.99 plus $6.49 shipping and handling.
  • Does it come with batteries and instructions?
    Why yes, yes it does!
  • Can I program it with custom phrases?
    Yep. It can hold up to six unique messages at a time, with each message being 256 characters long. You can change these messages at any time.
  • Can I change things like the speed of the messages and how bright the display is?
  • Is this buckle compatible with the standard buckle belt?
    Yes. We don’t sell actual belts, but you can probably use any existing buckle-style belt you have. Or get one at, like, any store.
  • Can I put my MP3s on it?

What - no MP3s!? ;-) Now if this could ream my SMS messages but wait a minute, this wouldn't makes sense since I don't want to show my received SMS everybody. So the question is - what is it good for?

Anyway - if you feel the need to get one now - you can order it from for US$ 29,99 plus shipping.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by micaels on 15.05.05 - 16:43:01

So Arne when are your version arriving:D

Posted by Arne Hess on 15.05.05 - 16:57:50

LOL... wink As long as it can not hold my MP3's - never... BTW, Ho do you wanne know I don't have one already... wink
GUYS - JUST KIDDING! I don't have one (yet). smile

Posted by micaels on 18.05.05 - 21:57:38

So that's why you call your site the unwired:D You don't wear a belt.big_smile

Posted by Arne Hess on 18.05.05 - 22:57:59

LOL... big_smile I even don't wear trousers... wink

Posted by Josh vaughn on 18.08.05 - 03:41:55

i have one but i dont kno where too get batterys for it

Posted by sara on 03.10.05 - 16:11:23

I saw some similar tecnology for led dog tag necklaces, can also have a logo image, led heart necklace and led badges. Very cool!!!

Posted by Jim on 04.11.05 - 20:57:39

I got batteries for my belt buckle at - same place I got the buckle. They do chew through batteries quickly! I found if you remove the batteries when you are not using it, they last A LOT longer.

Posted by Alyson on 19.12.05 - 04:03:06

Please help, fast, cuz this is really frusterating. My friend has a scrolling belt buckle, but we don't know how to make the scrolling direction change. He programed all the different sayings in there, but all it will do is blink, so you can't see all of it. How do you make it scroll from right to left? ....... it's like the directions skipped right over that.

Please help.

Posted by Jared-hq on 26.12.05 - 00:27:48

I bought one of those things and it's great!
The instructions were a bit hard to read, but I found some simplified instructions online: … -belt.html

Posted by BopsyKitten on 18.01.06 - 17:00:47

Do you know if you can erase a message you already inputed in?  Once you hit 6 messages does it just overwrite the old ones?

Posted by Savannah on 20.01.06 - 00:10:25

Ok, I bought a belt buckle from and I got it today.  I can turn it on by putting in the batteries, but the directions don't say how to program it at all??  It has like numbers and letters corresponding to different modes (speeds and brightness) but that's it??  How do I program it w/ my own messages???  Please help!!!

Posted by Joe on 11.02.06 - 00:35:50

The scrolling LED message belt is definitely a cool accessory for the techno-savvy raver.  They have some other cool LED toys at

Posted by thanks on 21.02.06 - 15:00:08

TO EBay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by lora on 01.04.06 - 10:59:37

does any one know any where in new york or las vegas i can get an LED belt???i reallly want one!!please help

Posted by Mike on 26.04.06 - 20:25:20

I just bought an amazing scarface buckle from
they have a huge variety of buckles and very unique designs.
strongly recommanded !

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