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DEVICE: More MDA III aka HTC Blue Angel information available
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 20.06.04 - 16:11:48 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 9181x
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I received some more detailed information about T-Mobile's next coming Pocket PC Phone Edition (called MDA III) which is indeed a HTC device called "Blue Angel" (as you know, OEMs always give their devices internal project names. The first xda/MDA was called "Wallaby", the Xda II/MDA II was called "Himalaya" and the expected and confirmed MDA III is called "Blue Angel" now).

However, the information I've received are slightly different than the stuff announced before:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition for Pocket PC Phone Edition
  • CPU: - Intel XScale, 400 MHz
  • Memory: 64 MB Flash ROM, 128 MB SDRAM
  • Screen: 3.5", 240 x 320 pixels Transflective TFT-LCD
  • Connectivity: GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth, 802.11b, IrDA and USB
  • Camera: Color CMOS VGA camera
  • Integrated QWERTY keyboard
  • Size: 125 x 71.6 x 18.7 mm = 4.92 x 2.82 x 0.73 in
  • Expansion: MMC/SDIO

So it seems that the CPU and size are confirmed as well as the wireless features and camera quality. However, the specifications above say 128 MB SDRAM instead of the previously announced 65 MB SDRAM only. Wonder if the previous specifications were wrong or if T-Mobile decided to release a smaller version only.
Well, I hope the next days will give us some clarification here.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Kenneth on 20.06.04 - 22:52:21

Sounds great... 64 MB should be a thing of the past!

Posted by moof on 21.06.04 - 01:28:29

Seeing as the MDAII already has 128 MB SDRAM, only 64MB in the MDAIII would be a nonsensical proposition. After all, the only other features this machine offers are WiFi (which can be gotten as an add-on) and a keyboard.

The keyboard is a great idea though. The software keyboards on the MDAII are really putting me off :-(
I wish there was one that had bigger buttons and that did T9, then at least I could approach the input speed of a regular gsm phone on my MDAII.

It does look a bit.. well.. fugly, though.

Posted by bnycastro on 21.06.04 - 11:13:10

WOW! I hope an openline version of this reaches the Philippines!

Posted by Andreas on 21.06.04 - 23:24:48

[1] It should support UMTS too

Posted by Andrew on 22.06.04 - 02:05:51

Anyone have a clue when this might be released?? even a remotely possible date?

Posted by QueRiquita on 22.06.04 - 05:00:29

Any news about when we can get it in the US?

Posted by Kenneth on 22.06.04 - 08:40:57

[4] You're alsolutely right - it should support UMTS as well.

Posted by Vagelis on 22.06.04 - 09:25:09

The only thing not mentioned is: what kind of GSM radio is it? Tri Band? Quad band? That is the million $ question...

Posted by Arne Hess on 22.06.04 - 10:36:48

[4] Yes, UMTS would be useful but I don't expect a UMTS Windows Mobile for this year anyway... Microsoft Germany has announced it for next year... :-(

According to German news site Xonio, Microsoft's German Managing Director - Michael Müller-Berg - expects to see first Windows Mobile based 3G/UMTS Smartphones earliest in 2005:

"It is assumed that, we will have 3G enabled Windows Mobile mobile phones in the market in 2005; preferably at CeBIT 2005" so Müller-Berg.

[6] No news or information about a N.-American availability available yet... :-(

[8] That's a good question indeed! I have to admit I always forgot the second GSM band in N.-America but I should remember it for further articles! However, also here nothing is announced/no further information available. I keep the fingers crossed as well that we will see the first quad-band PPCPE this year. Maybe it is the MDA III, maybe not...

Posted by QueRiquita on 22.06.04 - 20:32:02

[9] Hey Arne, what about the CDMA version of this phone?  Do you know if it's true that Sprint is supposed to carry it this year???

Posted by ducsurfer on 22.06.04 - 21:36:46

should be quad-band so it can offer some paroli to HP H63XX

Posted by Doe on 23.06.04 - 08:44:26

hmmm... the pics are the same as cu928... if i'm not mistaken, made by a company in China..

for more info,

Posted by Doe on 23.06.04 - 08:57:44

[12] sorry.. i was not aware that mda3 is actually a version of cu928.. pls ignore my comment above..

Posted by Ed Clayman, Sivell Corp. Mkt. Dir. on 23.06.04 - 21:31:29

Finally a fabulous integration tool...802.11b/GSP/GPRS/Bluetooth/GPS plus 128 ram in a single form factor with USB and IrDA with large enough keys our users can actually use them.

Solves our I/O issues required to implement real world applications in the hands of non-technical abusers. Simply turn it on and do the job without having to know what plugs in where for what, when and how long! GREAT!

Its nice to see HTC and Seimans finally listened to the screaming and yelling from the real world and not the email geeks! T-M and Cingular are awaiting delivery...

Posted by bnycastro on 26.06.04 - 03:59:46

Hmmm looks really nice especially with the 128MB of RAM smile The camera could(should)  be better but this is minor. What I need to verify is that it has Widcomm BT-like in hp iPAQs'- cause MS's implementation is not that user friendly.

I really hope that a PPCW i-mate version of this comes out lol

I can't find the GSM/GPRS version on the Daxian website. So I guess getting one next week when I go to China is out of the question. sad

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