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DEVICE: O2 Asia to introduce the HTC Magician as O2 Xda II mini
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 07.12.04 - 17:04:14 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 22805x
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O2 Asia, the Asian mmO2 subsidiary recently released its latest Windows Mobile product, the Xda IImini (also known as HTC Magician or i-mate JAM).

As of today, the HTC Magician is the smallest and lightest Pocket PC Phone Edition but running Microsoft's latest Windows Mobile 2003SE as well as it includes triple-band GSM/GPRS and Bluetooth (while W-LAN isn't supported yet). In addition it features the latest Intel Intel PXA 272 Bulverde CPU with 416MHz.

According to O2 Asia, the Xda II mini should be available in the following countries soon: Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam. A price wasn't given yet.

You lucky Asians... ;-)

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by bnycastro on 08.12.04 - 05:55:24

Yes yes and yes! I was supposed to get an i-mate JAM from expansys hk (nearest link I could find to the Philippines) but they kept pushing back the release date as well as changing the price...   big_smile hopefully Globe (my carrier) will subsidize this hehehe!

Posted by emmanuel.b on 08.12.04 - 08:58:26

Do you hava any idea when you will receive the one for the PPCW Shop?

Will you have the english ROM etc...


Posted by Sam on 08.12.04 - 13:27:34

It costs $1199 in Australia at Harvey Norman (expensive I know, but cheaper in comparison to the XDAIIs which is $1599 - I wish I was in HK...  :cry:)

Posted by Arne Hess on 08.12.04 - 20:14:03

[2] Ouch, that questions hurts more than you might expect... :cry:
HTC seems to have a busy time to produce all the Magicians for T-Mobile and therefore most other Magicians seems to be delayed or available in limited numbers only. While the hope dies as last - I have the feeling I won't receive it before Christmas anymore. :-(
But I got the word from i-mate to receive the SP3i next week. At least a light on the horizon. Sorry for the delay of availability.

Posted by WSLam on 09.12.04 - 10:37:43

The Mini just came out in HK today, selling for HKD5280.

Posted by lady geek on 15.12.04 - 04:46:03

[5] Yes i bought it the same day it came out what luck i was just walking in argyle street and wolla there it was.  i love it its small and very full featured its amazing - this is the future man! yikes

Posted by AD on 15.12.04 - 12:07:29

[6] Bought one 3 days ago in Melbourne Australia, Loving it. Having some problems with the bluetooth headset though. Would have been great if it supported voice dailling

Posted by good on 15.12.04 - 14:28:59

tongue Wow~~!!

Posted by oReOsHaKe on 25.12.04 - 12:25:31

can wait for it to be available.... too bad it has no wifi....

Posted by spadooks on 11.01.05 - 12:38:48

[1] i got my i-mate jam in greenhills bridgeway shop, get yours there ... hehehe ... pretty cool unit ... immediately traded-in my 3 week-old ipaq 6365 ... really worth the price!


Posted by oReOsHaKe on 18.01.05 - 15:13:16

[10] hi.. are u from the philippines? Wow, how much did u buy ur imate jam?

Posted by ljc on 28.01.05 - 04:38:56

[10] hi there! i'm from the philippines also ... i'd love to have an xda mini also ... how much is it in greenhills ?

Posted by subhashini on 11.03.05 - 10:46:18

i have an o2 xda mini. dropped it and it doesnt seem to work anymore. tried hard reset and soft reset both. and when i try recharging , it shows me a red light. but usually it shows the amber light when charging. please help

Posted by squinting banana on 05.04.05 - 14:41:01

hi. i am new. so i hope i am in the right place. thinking about buying the O2 mini, but am conflicted about the OS, i dislike and distrust microsoft in any capacity, having been stuck with it all these years with my PC.... i am thinking - if not O2 - i might get the motorola V3 razor - i know, a totally different animal. should i even be discussing the V3 here? i would not mind some opinions. BTW, i do not have a stable PC with no backing capability - still looking to sort this out. maybe not a time to buy a PDA phone/smart phone? i am just going crazy with bits and pieces of papers and what not of contact lists and a very uncomfortable slow cell phone at the moment.

Posted by Vinod Ponmanadiyil on 29.04.05 - 15:31:09

Has anyone noticed the O2 today screen in the pic?!
Which is that launcher/plugin?.. Looks very cool.

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