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DEVICES: HTC to produce two different shaped Voyager Smartphone 2003
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 15.01.04 - 16:05:55 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 10536x
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A couple of days back, several sites (like reported about a mysterious "new" Smartphone from HTC which was called Qtek 8060 and which is announced on French Dangaard's website to be available during January.

If you read the specifications it might reminds you pretty much on the specs of the HTC Voyager (available from PPCW.Net as PPCW.Net i-Mate Smartphone2) and well, don't makes me wonder anymore because both devices are HTC Voyagers! 8O

Today I had to check some stuff on the FCC site and also browsed the Voyager documentation there and see what I've found:

The HTC Voyager as we know if from Orange or PPCW.Net:

The HTC Voyager as we have seen it from Dangaard:

As you can see on the type label both devices are called NM8Voyager while the already known Smartphone is called "SV10A" and the new one is called "SV10B" and both devices were photographed and approved with the same FCC approval! So in fact it's not a new device but just a different shape of the known Voyager!

That's interesting since I haven't seen this kind of marketing before. Selling the same device in different shapes. ;-) I wonder if both will be priced the same or if the "old" Voyager with it's joystick is the "premium" Voyager while the "new" one becomes the "low-end" voyager because it includes a D-Pad only?

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Tisiano on 15.01.04 - 21:52:11

It's the already known Dopod 515 (did you remember? the first Microsoft Smartphone powered by Windows Mobile 2003. I red in September it was a new smartphone with the "old" design of the SPV first generation (Canary)...SO that's this "8060". But I prefer for sure the 8080 that I own!!!!

Posted by Arne Hess on 15.01.04 - 23:44:02

Yes I remember the Dopod but it's a different one because the Dopod was closer to the Canary (Orange SPV) then to the Voyager. For example it didn't include the cam or Bluetooth.

Posted by Helio Diamant on 16.01.04 - 06:52:56

My guess is that this would be an improved design released later, which gives better looking (and maybe better functional) buttons, specially the gamepad.

It does look "more advanced" as one would say.

The interesting question is if it is going to completely substitute the previous one or just be sold in parallel.

Posted by Arne Hess on 16.01.04 - 11:38:19

Helio, it's not an improved design at all, it's the Canary front-side with the "Voyager" cam on the backside. So this design is already 3 devices old 8O not to mention that HTC left the D-Pad design with the Tanager (Orange E100) for good reasons (IMHO).

But as you said - the question here is if it is substituted or sold in parallel and if it is sold in parallel, it's a new development in the OEM space: developing several devices with the same specs but giving them different shapes to address different markets... Nothing new from other industries but new to the cell phone (even Pocket PC - sooner or later) industry.

Posted by Jake on 16.01.04 - 13:19:32

only one comment: yesssssss!!!!!

Posted by gaetano on 31.10.04 - 17:44:00

I cannot find the instructions of this blady mobile

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