the::unwired - DISCUSSION: How to use a PPC Phone Edition as modem for Notebooks
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DISCUSSION: How to use a PPC Phone Edition as modem for Notebooks
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 22.07.02 - 17:23:00 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 6591x
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There is a pretty interesting discussion on the PPCW.Net Forum about how to use an O2 xda as a kind of wireless modem for a Notebook (what a lot of us do with its cheap mobile phones every day) and the only answer today is: there is no possibility!

This means that you can not connect your PPC Phone Edition (doesn't matter if it is an O2 xda or a HP WDA) to your Notebook to use it as a modem only and pass through the data to the PC. Also this is not possible with the Compaq iPAQ Wireless Pack! So if you are looking for a solution which lets you use it with your Pocket PC and your Notebook, you have to use a GPRS PC Card modem like the Option GlobeTrotter or the Sierra Wireless AirCard.

However, I'm sure you could be develop a kind of Software which would enable your Phone Edition Pocket PC to be used as a wireless modem for Notebooks and I wonder if any developer here is thinking about this kind of application? Maybe I'm also wrong and this can not be developed - anyone here has any experiences/thoughts? If so, please let us know and add your thoughts to the PPCW.Net Forum thread.

Cheers ~ Arne