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DOWNLOAD: Eleksen Flex Keyboard driver released and available from PPCW.Net
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 20.06.03 - 20:04:46 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 11204x
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Finally, here is the official driver for the Smartphone flex keyboard (see my review here) from Eleksen.

So no excuse anymore not to use that cool piece of accessory with your HTC Canary (Orange SPV) or Tanager (PPCW.Net i-Mode).
Download the driver from PPCW.Net now:

SoftTexter  for Smartphones: driver installation instructions.

  1. Insert the Smartphone into the cradle that connects to your PC.
  2. ActiveSync (on both your PC and Smartphone) should auto-connect. If this does not happen, consult ActiveSync 'help' from your PC menu.
  3. Follow on-screen instructions (on your PC) concerning 'partnerships' from the ActiveSync application.
  4. Run the file you've downloaded from PPCW.Net.
  5. Then follow the on-screen instructions to extract the set-up files to your PC's hard drive. Make a note of the chosen file destination directory.
  6. Navigate to the destination directory. Run the 'setup.exe' file. This action initiates the copying of files across to your Smartphone. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. After files have been copied to the Smartphone, detach the 'phone from the PC cradle and attached it to your SoftTexter.
  8. The texter's presence should be automatically detected by the 'phone. Then follow the on-screen configuration instructions.
  9. Enter a texting application (such as Messages/E-Mails) using the hotkeys in the top row of the SoftTexter. Type a trial message to make sure the texter is now fully operational.
  10. After successful installation of the SoftTexter driver onto your Smartphone, remove the files from your PC destination directory.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Donal Keane on 20.06.03 - 20:48:30

And for those who don't know it ... - Have fun all.

Posted by nill on 16.07.03 - 08:21:24

am looking for the Keyboard of my Pocket Pc .

Nec  mobilePro P300 If you have please send  me back


Posted by Marc Lawrence on 28.07.03 - 22:53:33


I finally have the Smartphone connected to the Ora Keyboard, and it is excellent as you reviewed.  Further to your query as to how much smartphone one needs, this keyboard really fills the gaps, as it lets you enter appointments and write text notes with ease.  If I was big into SMS, it would also be great, but SMS is much more expensive in the U.S.

My question: is it possible to remap the hotkeys on the top row.  If you change your directories per the suggestion of Carlos, so that, for example, your calendar is nested in a root directory menu (i.e. I put my claendar in a menu called Outlook), then the hotkey does not work.  So I must use one of the function keys instead.  But what this means is that the hotkeys in the top row (the ones with the icons) are worthless.  It would be great if Ora in conjunction with PPCW could release a driver that allows a re-mapping of these hotkeys too!


Posted by Romi Mathur on 06.08.03 - 01:05:14

I downloaded the software as instructed. SPV is not automatically detecting the texter. I am not getting aby on screen instructions. Anyone knows what could be the problem?

Posted by Arne Hess on 06.08.03 - 17:15:26

@Romi Mathur: Which Smartphone with which ROM?

Posted by AndyC on 08.02.04 - 13:14:41

If only the Eleksen worked on the iMate SmartPhone 2 (Voyager) (or O2 XPhone).  Numbers work / Hotkeys - Just no letters.. So completely pointless!

Has anyone worked out a hack for this yet?



Posted by creature on 25.03.04 - 17:49:07

AndyC, you mean it does not work on the Xphone! ShXX I just brought one!

Posted by Richard Rosenman on 31.07.04 - 08:19:28

The download link doesn't work - gives me an error. Can anyone send me the drivers?


Posted by Dzaix on 09.08.04 - 16:30:11

Download link doesn't work
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare doparse() (previously declared in E:wwwppcw.nethttp://www.ppcw.netparser.php:19) in E:wwwppcw.nethttp://www.ppcw.netnucleuslibsglobalfunctions.php on line 1083

Do you have another working url for that software?

Posted by Habit on 01.09.04 - 00:55:09

Hi Daniel ,
see at Coolsmartphone downloads do not try elsewhere smile

Posted by Daniel on 24.08.04 - 13:02:04

Can someone please post another link to the driver?
I´ve tried for some days now..

Posted by coolstream on 11.09.04 - 14:40:28

[11] I just checked on the Orange update site by using the phone and got the file complete with automatic download and installation. Keyboard now working. So if yours is an official Orange phone, you could get it this way  :wink:

Posted by Paul Black on 27.11.04 - 20:23:27

I downloaded the software as instructed. SPV is not automatically detecting the texter. I am not getting aby on screen instructions. Anyone knows what could be the problem? - from Romi Mathur above,
I have the VERY SAME problem - could someone PLEASE help me out - thanks : :cry:

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