the::unwired - EXCLUSIVE: Get your long awaiting Microsoft Smartphone 2002 from PPCW.Net
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EXCLUSIVE: Get your long awaiting Microsoft Smartphone 2002 from PPCW.Net
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 27.05.03 - 14:34:18 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 7999x
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PPCW.Net is well known as one of the leading wireless Pocket PC and Smartphone websites since 1998 and we already believed in a wireless Internet when wireless was 9.6 KBit/s and Netscape had a share of 90 %. However, as time goes bye the Internet became truly mobile, latest with the introduction of Windows Powered Pocket PCs, Pocket PC Phone Edition and finally with Smartphone and to enable as many people as possible to enjoy the wireless Internet too - we are proud to introduce a special deal for our readers:

The PPCW.Net i-Mate Smartphone!

Above all it is a great mobile phone based on Microsoft's Windows Powered Smartphone operating system and HTC's Tanager hardware design. You can expect to find all the basic and advanced phone functions on this Smartphone, but what makes it the smartest phone available on the market today is the Windows Powered software that lets you E-Mail, Instant Message, surf the Web, listen to music, play games, and much, much more.

However, our primary intention isn't to become an online-shop but we believe in the Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphone platform! Since the availability of Smartphones is still limited, we want to give you what you are looking and asking for! In the past we got tons of E-Mails with questions about where to get a Smartphone from; specially the HTC Tanager and therefore we decided to use our contacts to make the "impossible" possible - delivering the Smartphone to the community and to the community only!
Due to a cooperation, we are now able to sell the PPCW.Net i-Mate Smartphone official. So it's not a re-import from anywhere in the world but original from PPCW.Net with full warranty and support!

Get your long awaiting Smartphone SIM and Certification Free. This means you can use your existing SIM card from the carrier you already have a contract with. And since it's Certification Free, you can download and install any available Smartphone 2002 software on your PPCW.Net i-Mate Smartphone 2002.

The PPCW.Net i-Mate Smartphone can be pre-ordered now for US$ 549 (excluding shipping and taxes). Shipping is expected latest during next month.

Cheers ~ Arne

UPDATE:I got lots of questions regarding "if the i-Mate works in general in the US" or "is my area here and there GSM covered" or "I have currently this phone and that plan and can I also use it in future with the i-Mate".
I try my best to answer all these E-Mails but a lot of these questions are pretty detailed about a carrier, a price plan and/or a phone which I've never used or even heard about. :oops:

So as I know that many of my readers here comes from North America and already use GSM phones there (maybe even a Smartphone 2002 like the Orange SPV or the Microsoft Developer Kit) I would like to ask you to give others, who are new in the North American GSM world, a helping hand.
So if you have any questions regarding GSM in the US or Canada, please also use the Forum also. Nevertheless I will also try my best to forward my GSM experience to you, doesn't matter if by E-Mail or in the Forum.

Last but not least as with the comments on PPCW.Net you don't need to register to post to the Forum; you can but you are not forced to, so no reason not to post there also... ;-)

Thanks and Cheers ~ Arne

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