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FINALLY: Apples iTunes Music Store reached Europe
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 15.06.04 - 18:59:40 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 6543x
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Finally also Europeans (from now Brits, Germans and French) can shop at the Apples iTunes Music Store. Today, Steve Jobs opens iTunes Music Store in the UK, Germany and France!
Apple’s award-winning iTunes Music Store is now available to European Mac and Windows users also. With breakthrough pricing of just 79p in UK/99 Euro Cent in Germany and France a song and an online catalog of more than 700,000 songs, the iTunes Music Store is the best way to legally discover, purchase and download music online. Irish customers will be able to buy from a pan-European Union version of the iTunes Music Store which is set to open in October.

Finally, I was waiting long enough to get use my iPod with Apples European iTunes Music Store! :-) Happy downloading! ;-)

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by on 15.06.04 - 21:14:09

I wonder if you will be promoting Apple Corporation also then when it will be producing PDAs and cell phones (which will happen soon)? What kind of Windows Mobile fan are you? Insincere!

(Napster is selling legal music too

Posted by Arne Hess on 15.06.04 - 21:27:07

[1] Something you might not understand but it's about best in class not about blind promotion.
iTunes, it's business model and the possibility to burn bought music to CDs is something no other provide!

Cheers ~ Arne

PS: Napsters offer is lame (as you would say). I want to buy popular music (as from today is available from iTunes) plus Indi titles (as hopefully available soon) not some not known music...
And if you would take care - right now Napster is selling in the UK only, the rest of Europe isn't covered! :p

Posted by Heinz on 16.06.04 - 08:43:32

That's good news.

Waited for a long time for iTunes in Germany.

If you looking for food for your iPod:
Internet Underground Music Archive (
This site is as nearly as old as the internet.


Posted by on 17.06.04 - 08:41:22

I have just tried iTunes Germany store and it doesn't have German band "E-Rotic", albums of which I wanted to purchase. So much for iTunes... no use to me, if it doesn't have music I want...

Posted by APA on 17.06.04 - 14:38:35

[4] I like that Arne has the ability to look over the plate. It's good to be pro MS Mobile OS, however if the competition does good stuff there is no reason for denial. Apple is way a head of the competition with the IPod/ITunes combo. They show that there is a smart way against MP3 swapping, instead of going without ideas and brain but lawyers.
I once in a while also check yours msmobiles, however your wording and aggressiv calling names to other people more and more turns me away from your otherwise good site. I'm very much into MS stuff, but still I'm very close to get another IPod big_smile (I work for a major IT company, but still use the competitions equipment if it is better.)

Posted by ms mobiles on 09.07.04 - 00:31:39

I just wanted to mention that music that I couldn't find at iTunes of Apple I have found at Connect at Sony here:

It uses Atrac format but it can be converted to MP3 or Windows Audio (WMA).
conclusion: Apple sucks, Sony rocks.


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