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FIRMWARE: Samsung prepares for Samsung GT-I7500 Galaxy ROM Update [UPDATE]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 29.07.09 - 10:36:47 CET under 04 - Android News - Viewed 47625x
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As mentioned before, Samsung's Android smartphone, the GT-I7500 Galaxy will get firmware upgrades via the PC, not over the air (OTA) and we've just received the information that Samsung is ready to release the first ROM update for the Galaxy within the next day. While it's not specified which improvements the ROM update will bring, it's said that it will improve the overall stability of the device, including increased user interface performance, as well as it will increase the battery run- and stand-by time. It's not yet known if the firmware update will also bring any feature improvements.

The firmware version is said to be I7500 - I7500VIAIG6:

The update will be distributed through Samsung's "New PC-Studio Software" which is also used for flashing the Galaxy.
According to our information, this is a full firmware update which means it will completely wipe the device's memory. Contrary to the initial information we've received, the update will not wipe the devices memory and after the update, all installed applications and files like photos and videos are still available. Therefore, a full device backup is not necessary but recommended anyway. prior the update process!

The ROM update should be available today or so.

UPDATE: That was fast! The Galaxy firmware update is now available through Samsung's "New PC Studio". Just start the software, connect the smartphone with the PC and click the "Update" icon on the bottom and select the "GT-i7500" as the to be updated device. The New PC Studio should find the firmware update on Samsung's server now. Please keep in mind that the PC needs an Internet connection because the ROM update is downloaded first.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Felix Homann on 29.07.09 - 10:43:32

Hopefully, NFS knows how to do a full backup by then. I don't want to lose my paid apps by the upgrade.

Posted by Arne Hess on 29.07.09 - 11:13:17

No, NPS doesn't give you a full device backup. However, are you sure you cannot download a previously bought and paid application again? AFAIK it should be possible.
UPDATE: I've just spoken with Samsung and indeed you can download previously bought applications again, without paying for the same app again; as long as you login with the same Google account as before (for sure).

Posted by Frank on 29.07.09 - 11:48:01

Perfect! Now I have to find a way to update my Galaxy with Linux.
It's unbeliveable that I have to use Windows to flash my Android phone!

Posted by Björn on 29.07.09 - 12:11:41

@Frank: If you found a way to flash your phone in Linux, please let us know! :-) Thanks!

Posted by puffy on 29.07.09 - 12:15:40

Is it possible to extract the update file before the phone gets flashed? has anyone succeeded?

Posted by Arne Hess on 29.07.09 - 12:15:49

@Frank, @Björn: Internet Café, Media Markt, brother/sister/mother/father/friend with a PC, O2 Shop?

Posted by Chris P on 29.07.09 - 12:59:41

Oh Christ - I just installed around 100 apps! Does that mean I have to start all over again.

Posted by Felix Homann on 29.07.09 - 13:05:40

OK, just updated the phone. Nothing is lost! Great!!

(Didn't notice any obvious improvements, though..)

Posted by shinchan on 29.07.09 - 13:49:34

The update won't delete anything from your phone. So no need to backup (unless you're afraid the update will fail)

Posted by Chris P on 29.07.09 - 14:58:27

Anyone else having issues? I plug in the phone and the "New PC-Studio Software" recognises the 2 memory cards. Trying to update the phone, I cant find the phone in the phone dropdown. When you plug in the phone do you select the 'mount' option for the SD cards?

Posted by Chris P on 29.07.09 - 15:07:33

Problem solved! Once I put the phone in USB debug mode the phone was recognised. Updating now:)

Posted by HiP on 29.07.09 - 16:26:37

OS virtualization, for non-windows users ?

Posted by Chris P on 29.07.09 - 17:45:32

Me again (sorry guys!) Anyone have issues with the PC Software, after the firmware update the software recognises the phone but when trying to "connect" with the phone it says "unsupported device" anyone else got the same problem?

Posted by mr_spuck on 29.07.09 - 22:09:39

I have the same problem. When trying to update my galaxy the process got stuck at 90% for at least one hour. I had to kill the PC software and disconnect the phone. ATM I don't know if anything got updated. When I connect my phone now and try to start the update process again it tells me that the device is not supported.

Posted by Shahzad on 29.07.09 - 23:52:22

Updated successfully but getting "device not supported" error the next time i try to connect to NPS

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