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FIRMWARE: Samsung releases Galaxy GT-I7500 ROM Update [UPDATE2]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 09.09.09 - 14:21:50 CET under 04 - Android News - Viewed 80688x
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Samsung has just released a new Android firmware version for the Samsung GT-I7500 Galaxy which replaces the previously released firmware - which had some nasty bugs like device resets, etc and which didn't brought any obvious improvements except cosmetics.
This isn't a Cupcake to Donut upgrade at all but is said bring better device stability as well as improved battery run-time. Furthermore, Samsung added a new application called "Switchers". This allows to turn on/off GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and Auto sync from the programs menu instead of going deep into the system settings. Unfortunately, Switchers isn't available as a home screen widget at all but it runs as an application from the home screen anyway.

As before, the firmware (version IH8) is updated through Samsung's New PC Studio and is therefore only available for Windows users of the Samsung Galaxy. Furthermore, the firmware is downloaded directly through the New PC Studio so make sure you have a fast Internet connection available on your update PC.

UPDATE: Hold-on with the update! After the update we've noticed a problem with the phone process which Android kills shortly after the PIN entry (see here). As a result, voice calls and data connections aren't possible anymore!
UPDATE2: Okay, a hard reset (Settigs -> SD card & phone storage -> Factory data reset) fixed the above mentioned problem. After the hard reset (which wipes out the phone memory for sure but not the internal flash meory - so please make sure to back-up all your data first), the Galaxy works normal again incl. phone calls as well as data connections. Too bad that neither the New PC Studio recommends, that a hard reset is required nor that the device isn't performing this hard reset by itself.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Tim0thy on 09.09.09 - 14:52:28

Luckly i read this before updating! Been waiting for them to sort out the mess the last update caused, but this seems even worse!

Posted by Arne Hess on 09.09.09 - 15:02:22

@Tim0thy: Please see Update2 above!

Posted by Timothy on 09.09.09 - 15:39:42

OK. Now how do I actually go about updating? When I choose GT-i7500 from the drop down list it gives me the 'Device Not Supported' message. Can I update without using the PC Studio?

Posted by Arne Hess on 09.09.09 - 16:44:13

That's weird!? Which language is your New PC Studio?

Posted by Mark25 on 09.09.09 - 16:57:25

I also get 'Device Not Supported'. It's a UK English Galaxy GT-I7500, using New PC Studio that shipped with the device.

Can get it to appear in the PC Studio, but keep receiving that error message sad

Posted by T1m0thy on 09.09.09 - 17:22:28

Mines also a UK English Galaxy and I'm using the New PC Studio that came with it.

Posted by Arne Hess on 09.09.09 - 18:01:31

@Mark25 & T1m0thy: Have you turned off "Mass storage only" under Settings -> About phone -> Additional settings? It's important that mass storgae is turned off!

Posted by T1m0thy on 09.09.09 - 18:36:48

Mass storage is turned off already on mine.

Posted by MeAndMySister on 09.09.09 - 18:52:31

Got the same problem here. The phone is not supported. USB mass storage is off etc. Any idea's?

Posted by boomtoper on 09.09.09 - 19:49:56

I am getting the "unsupported device" error too in New PC Studio, much like everyone else. I'm using a uk i7500 from o2. I have also tried a factory reset and this does not resolve the problem. Does anyone have any ideas at all?

Posted by momagic on 09.09.09 - 20:15:39

Here's the new firmware, use with Odin. Thanks to HDblog for this. …

Posted by Dejan on 09.09.09 - 21:27:23

unsupported device. Using windows XP run virual on windows 7. PC studio v.: New_PC_Studio_1.2.1.IH2.exe

Posted by Arne Hess on 09.09.09 - 21:36:35

Is everybody here with problems using a British Samsung Galaxy from O2 UK? If so, can you please check if you have the android Market available in the programs list?

Posted by Anaethelion on 09.09.09 - 21:49:06

As for the french carrier Bouygues Telecom, the update doesn't seem to be there, but flashed the rom with odin and the market seems full and the rom is doign well.

Posted by T1m0thy on 09.09.09 - 22:06:37

I'm on O2 UK and the Market IS available in my application list. I'm using windows 7, could this be the reason its not working? My phone is recognised by the PC suite but i just can't do anything with it.

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