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FIX: i-mate released Bluetooth patch for i-mate PDA2K
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 13.12.04 - 22:23:55 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 13499x
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Today i-mate has released a solution for the i-mate PDA2k Bluetooth problem which caused a lost of bonded devices like Bluetooth headsets.

They have been working ceaselessly to fix this issue which had his root deep within the Bluetooth stack and took longer to fix than anticipated.
However,, now the fix is available on the support page for the i-mate PDA2k and is approximately 3.9 Mb in size. So it's a cab file only, not a completely new ROM update which is expected to be released soon.

The Bluetooth fix is available for registered Club i-mate customers only (registration is free anyway for i-mate device owners). As far as I've heard, the T-Mobile MDA III has the same problems but so far T-Mobile haven't released anything similar. The European Xda III/IIs is expected to be released including this fix/updated Bluetooth stack.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by lvermont on 13.12.04 - 23:31:00

Are there any additional fixes included? i.e. MMS picture messaging which I can't get to work with the PDA2k, but which work with the Imate on tmobile USA.

Posted by Arne Hess on 13.12.04 - 23:37:52

[1] No, this cab file just contains the Bluetooth stack update to get the "lost bondages" fixed. Keep the fingers crossed that the MMS fix is part of the general ROM update.
I'm currently playing with an O2 Xda III which is way better (ROM-wise) than the MDA III ROM which T-Mobile decided to launch some weeks back.

Posted by MagicT on 14.12.04 - 13:12:54

Hi, tried to register, but they say that my IMEI number (16 digits long) is invalid. I'm a customer of O2 in Germany and use the XDA II.



Posted by Arne Hess on 14.12.04 - 13:26:02

[3] No wonder you can't register:

a) It's for i-mate devices only and Club i-mate allow registration for i-mate customers only. This is verified through the IMEI number (range).
b) What do you expect to get for your Xda II? The fix is for the i-mate PDA2K which is equal to the Xda III.
c) The Xda II doesn't has this bondage problem the PDA2K has.
d) The Xda II uses the Microsoft Bluetooth stack while the PDA2K uses the Widcomm Bluetooth stack and the fix is designed for the Widcomm stack.

Posted by lvermont on 16.12.04 - 14:37:09

[2] Ok, can't wait for a rom update then.

Posted by Christopher Spera on 16.12.04 - 23:51:11

I logged my experience with the new PDA2k BlueTooth update here:

Its closer, but still needs some work...

Posted by Asrar M. Khan on 19.12.04 - 06:27:29

I bought my PDA2K in Dubai and downloaded the two patches fro Club i-mate.  I am still having bonding problems with Plantronics M3000 bluetooth headset and Motorola HF800 bluetooth speaker.  It pairs, works for a while then, when the device goes to sleep or I switch off the power, the bond is lost.

Posted by r55boy on 31.01.05 - 18:34:33

The bluetooth on my MDA III on T-Mobile worked fine for about 10days, and then gave an error about that the Bluetooth license had expired. It is no longer possible to use bluetooth at all. A hard reset fixes it for about 10 days, but then the problem returns. It seems that deep in the bluetooth stack somewhere is a temp license. T-Mobile do not have a fix, nor to they know if/when one will be avaiable. Arghhh! Any ideas? Are others having the problem? Maybe more pressure on T-Mobile might get them working on it?

Posted by MT on 31.01.05 - 21:23:22

[8] hi i installed an english bluetooth stack - the original error message is a memory issue - if you open too many programms the problem ocours - so i installed spb plus - programmer ot the gprs monitor - it solves the memory problem !! big_smile

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