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FIX: Samsung BlackJack, BlackJack II and ACE Leap-Year Calendar patch available
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 10.03.08 - 00:03:00 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 32490x
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You might have noticed that 2008 is a leap year and while you (and even Microsoft's Outlook Mobile) noticed it, it seems Samsung's BlackJack, BlackJack II and ACE Windows Mobile smartphones have overseen it. As a matter of fact, Samsung's Calendar Home screen plugin, for the above mentioned devices, shows the wrong date as of March 1, 2008; the day after February 29 and since Samsung's Calendar ignores the 29th, date displays one day prior to the correct date until the end of this year. At the end it means that, if you are using/used the the Calendar plugin, you will get the wrong date displayed for the rest of the year (on the left the wrong calendar, on the right the correct):

Please note that this is a Home screen issue only and it neither affects the devices real time clock nor any other calendar functions, including Outlook Mobile, but it's a cosmetic issue of the Home screen plugin which makes it, nevertheless, useless for the rest of the year.

Anyway, I've got my hands on a couple of patches, just small CAB files for your device, which corrects the issue described above. So if you are either using a Windows Mobile 6 upgraded BlackJack/SGH-i607 (the patch isn't working with Windows Mobile 5.0) or a new BlackJack II/SGH-i617 or a recently released ACE/SPH-i325 Windows Mobile Standard smartphone, you might want to install the patch to get the Home screen issue fixed.
Also note that only North American smartphones are affected! Neither the Samsung SGH-i320 nor the SGH-i600 needs this patch - so please don't install it on any other devices than the one mentioned above!

Either download the appropriate CAB file from your PC, copy it to your device and run it from there, or download it directly from your device (through the::unwired's mobile site) and run it on your smartphone. As always, this patch will need to be re-installed whenever completing a hard reset.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by BrettDioson on 10.03.08 - 17:47:15

Actually, I think the correct Calendar is the one on the left.

Posted by Arne Hess on 10.03.08 - 19:55:33

Yes, you are right - thanks! Fixed!

Posted by K K on 11.03.08 - 12:12:25

Is there any patch for BlackJack running Windows Mobile 5 ???

Samsung's programmers really below standard!  ;-(

Posted by tanatsuk on 15.03.08 - 17:06:29

Hi, after installing the SGH-i607/BlackJack Patch, Samsung Calendar home screen is fixed, but now I have a new problem where the alarm bell icon overlaps the clock... I need another patch for this? Tatsuo

Posted by Arne Hess on 17.03.08 - 07:53:13

Will verify, please hold on. Have noticed the same problem this weekend as well.

Posted by Mitch on 18.03.08 - 02:34:54

Hi and thanks for the patch, but how exactly do I install it?

Posted by Arne Hess on 18.03.08 - 07:09:16

If you download it from the PC, copy the CAB file to the smartphone (using ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center), open the file explorer on the smartphone and execute it from your smartphone.
If you've downloaded it from your smartphone, the device will ask you after the download if you want to install it after the download is done.
In any case, because it's a CAB file which is designed to be executed on the device, you cannot install it from the PC but smartphone only.

Posted by runcam on 19.03.08 - 14:06:36

I just downloaded this, bluetoothed it to my phone, and executed. I have no calendar on my home screen now. I cannot use the clock screen either. HELP! All I see is the scroll bar at the top of the screen and my background!

Posted by jake on 01.04.08 - 18:51:09

i have the same problem as runcam please help

Posted by Arne Hess on 02.04.08 - 10:40:55

runcam, jake - thanks a lot. Your are sure that you have downloaded the appropriate file for your device, right? Will forward your problem to someone to have a look at it.

Posted by randyhnl on 03.04.08 - 21:30:45

I could not download the patch via IE (not sure why) so I e-mailed it to myself.  When I try to open the attachment, it says "Attachment is a file type that could be unsafe. Messaging will not open this attachment."

So I saved it to "My Documents".  But, when I go to My Documents, this file is not there (or at least it isn't being displayed).  However, if I do a search, it finds the file but the filename and the "Open" option are greyed out.

Please help!

Posted by randyhnl on 03.04.08 - 21:38:53

Okay, scratch the above message.  If I go to My Documents, it isn't there.  But if I use File Explorer, it IS there and I was able to execute it there and now it works fine.  Thanks for the patch!!!

Posted by Kate on 04.04.08 - 03:41:02

Thank you so much! Emailed the link to my phone, opened it up, and it installed itself. Correct calendar now shows.

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