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FLASH CONTENT: FlashPack, Simplifying Content Distribution
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Friday, 18.04.03 - 05:15:35 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 6108x
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HandSmart just released their Macromedia Flash standalone executable maker for Pocket PC called FlashPackâ„¢. FlashPackâ„¢ is a Windows based application which is used to create Flash content for Pocket PCs. What is worth noting is that it is the first to provide flash artists, game developers and content providers with the means to distribute and manage Flash based content without requiring any programming skills.

Moreover, FlashPackâ„¢ creates an .exe file from flash .swf files. This enables users to run your content directly as stand alone application and does not require running it within Pocket Internet Explorer. The end result is that the entire flash and runtime exists in a single file which proves to be a boon for both flash developers and the target users as distribution and installation of the file can be done by simply dragging the file to the device without any prior installation.

FlashPackâ„¢ enables unique full screen presentation of your work (320x240 pixels), so you can take full advantage of the device screen property, and supplies a close to exit the application/animation at any time.

FlashPackâ„¢ will be offered in three configurations, namely - FlashPackâ„¢ Jr., FlashPackâ„¢ and FlashPackâ„¢ Pro.

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