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FLAT: Orange UK to offer new Mobile Data plans from June
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 03.05.07 - 13:03:18 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 14161x
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Attention mobile surfers out there! If you live in the UK and you are looking for a "cheap" way to go online with you mobile device - the new Orange mobile data plans might be something interesting for you, especially because Orange is well known for its Windows Mobile-based SPVs which brings the Internet to the palm of your hand and because it seems to be a real mobile data flat.
Today Orange announced several new plans to launch its new flat rate pricing for mobile data, making it easier for users to understand the costs involved when browsing the mobile internet.

From June, five new bundles, starting from just £1.00/1.47 Euro, mean both Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go customers can browse safe in the knowledge they will know exactly how much they will pay.

The five different pricing bundles are:

Orange Pay Monthly

  • Daily browsing for as little as £1.00/1.47 Euro = up to £31.00/45.50 Euro per month (for those who want to experience the mobile internet without worrying about the cost)
  • Monthly evening and weekend browsing for £5.00/7.34 Euro (for those who choose to browse mainly in the evening and at weekends)
  • Monthly Anytime browsing for £8.00/11.74 Euro (for seasoned surfers who demand great value for all their mobile browsing)

Orange Pay As You Go

  • Daily browsing for as little as £1.00/1.47 Euro = up to £31.00/45.50 Euro per month (for those who want to experience the mobile internet without worrying about the cost)
  • 7 day browsing for £5.00/7.34 Euro = up to £20.00/30.00 Euro per month (for frequent surfers, offering more than 25% off our already great value daily rate)

Orange has also put in place a price cap for customers who don't sign up to a bundle. These customers will be able to browse the mobile internet as they do now, but will only be charged up to a maximum of £1.50/2.20 Euro per day = up to £46.50/68.24 Euro per month (Pay Monthly) or £2.00/2.93 Euro per day = up to £62.00/90.98 Euro per month (Pay As You Go).

Jean-Pascal Van Overbeke, Vice President Mobile & Convergence for Orange, says "Our new pricing structure makes it easy for our customers to understand exactly what they are getting and for how long when they access the mobile internet. Customers can get access to the web on the move, without the fear of being caught out by any hidden charges."

Furthermore, all Orange customers will now have free access to their own personalized Orange World homepage, as well as news headlines and favorites. Customers will also benefit from free mobile internet searches and can browse the full catalogue of downloadable video, games, music and ring tones for free. If they see something they like while browsing, they pay just for the download, not the download traffic or any other hidden data charges. They can also make use of the Orange Local service for free throughout the summer (July – September inclusive), letting them know where they are and what they can get up to with information on restaurants, bars and local services.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Anarchy in the UK on 03.05.07 - 13:58:37

With these tariffs and the fact that O2 now launches crap XDAs only, the latest crap was the Argon, O2 lost another customer! Where are all the beauties Germany and Asia gets?
Thankfully my contract ends in August and I'm the first to switch to Orange, picking up an i600 or E650 and being happy!

Bye bye O2! Thank you and welcome Orange!

Posted by qwerty on 01.06.07 - 12:22:00

So I'm a pay monthly customer and I called Orange today to ask them about the new tariff as described above. I particularly wanted the £8 unlimited. They haven't got any knowledge of this tariff and say it does not exist. They also say I can only have £5 off peak with a cap of £1.50 per day for out of bundle charges, so my total charges could still theoretically rise to around £50 per month. I used to have the £5 off peak bundle combined with a 10mb for £8 bundle, and they've now removed the 10mb bundle and refused to put it back because they say I can't have two bundles at once. All this despite the fact that in store they gave me a slip of paper to conirm both bundles. So all in all, not that impressed. They're not delivering what was promised.

Posted by SHaun on 01.06.07 - 17:14:34

The unlimited plan for £8 doesnt exist its capped at 30mb
if you want unlimited on the Orange network it will be £30 per month (£1 per day) and you have to phone them up EVERY single day to get it added on before you can use the service.

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